The Old "HorizonMB"

I was going through my hard drive transfering files over and what not to which I came into this old screen shot of when the website used to be “horizonmb” back in 2013 it has been over 7 years since I took this photo any of the old timers still about? :grin:

Link to photo


Welcome back. Ya the good old days of horizonmb. I actually joined in 2012 and was not active but I am an old timer too. 360 was a great machine till they killed it with nothing new

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Ew go away.


I miss the old 360 days for COD :pensive:

Nice to see you haven’t changed apart from having more power :skull:

Didn’t we ban you? :neutral_face:

Kidding, some of us are still here. Archive actually has working captures of XboxMB, I actually looked the other day

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I paid Chris off to unban me :wink: please post the captures I want to see them after I found that photo on my computer I checked everywhere for more but could only find that one and desktop backgrounds for Horizon

This is one snapshot but you can browse the rest using the calendar at the top

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Wow that’s pretty cool looking through the old forum instinct

Man it was a blast, spent so much time on there!

Haha! A couple months back I spent about 3 hours going through all the captures at what a waste of time, but a fun waste of time.

In October 2013 I was already helping get Borderlands DRM Free DLC to the players!

And this is how the site looked with a refresh in mid 2014!


I think the theme in 2014 was the best theme the site has had

Wow that is no way to talk to your intellectual superior. I demand a 1v1 360 no scope match on rust. If you don’t show up I just assume you’re scared.

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Are you sure you want to show your self up for it? I would’nt like to make you cry

Chris’s Master


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Some older sigs designed by users (Maxxy I think?):
Horizon Signature Modded Warfare Signature

Old old site:

Anybody have screens of Modded Warfare or before?

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