The price is too expensive?

7.99 Is too steep for a month. I don’t even know how or if it even works. It’s not certain i will use it all the time. Or at least a trial would be nice.


you can sign up for annual and try the 2 day trial. Once you sign up and see if you like it switch it over to monthly before your charged for annual or if you don’t like it, you can cancel before you are charged for annual and not have to worry about it.

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I already looked for a trial oprion but it’s not there.

Fun fact - All WeMod trainers are free to use! Free users just need to use the hotkeys on the WeMod app :slight_smile:

Pro is just for those who want extra benefits while supporting all of the developers.


Just an FYI, $7.99 doesn’t even buy more than one coffee a month for a WeMod developer (in a major city). And if you break the yearly subscription cost down to monthly, nor does that, in fact it’s even less than $7.99.

And another FYI, our main competitor’s monthly subscription price is $15.95 a month. You can click here for a screen capture if you don’t believe that (no name sharing, because advertising rules). In comparison to our main competitor, WeMod’s $7.99 is a bargain. (And WeMod has more trainers and developers than its main competitor…).

And a final FYI, developing and maintaining software, buying and maintaining servers, and paying trainer developers is not cheap in the slightest.

If you do not see the trial option, either you need to click the Yearly tab on the Pro page. Or you’ve already activated the trial before and therefore aren’t eligible.

Also, what the Australian bloke said above is correct.


Your not buying a product you paying for a service you can always download a trainer from some untrusted source if you dont wanna pay. This is actually worth the price. Better to pay now then to pay after you catch a virus


I got no problem with $7.99 been thinking about yearly I use We Mod a lot, its fun to use, the team does good work


I would want to support the devs. They take time and effort putting these out. For 8 bucks a month, i could just skip a starbucks coffee and keep this.