The Pro Version is required for most Vampire Survivors mods

Every mod except for unlimited health and best chest rewards has the option to get pro covering the “Set” button. Is there any way to fix this or atleast have an alternative? All i can do without the pro version is increase and decrease the value, but i cant really input the value into the game.

Hey there.

All cheats that require you to press the “Set” button are automatically set when increasing/decreasing the value via the hotkeys.

That’s the point! You have key combinations for each cheat (which you can also edit)… If you want to control the cheats directly, you need Pro… Yes… But you also have the WeMod app, which allows you to control the cheats directly on your mobile phone during the game

I think my game might have a problem, which is why the stats arent loading into my game when i increase or decrease the value. Is there any reason why and maybe even a way to fix the problem?

Did you follow the steps in “read before playing”?

Oh, that’s the problem. Thanks.