reports of viruses - snipped

“Scan it yourself” Why would I trust this?

Will scan as soon as the download is finished.

edit: 199MG?? Wowza
edit edit: Nevermind…Can’t scan it,forgot

has a limit of 20mg files D:

Hope you don’t get infected.

I have a post of this on TTG so I myaswell post it here.

The Tech Game - Community

i have people that posted legit on that thread and thanked it


Well considering its a rar it won’t do to much…

Nevermind…Can’t scan it,forgot

has a limit of 20mg files D:

Delete this post please

You should add pics of the program so people know what there downloading. Thanks!

ill have to re DL cuz im on a new PC but sure

Nice upload, the site can always use more tools!

The only virus I picked up was the exe named fable2.exe

All tho It could be a false positive…

Edit: Just founder another named halomodscontainertool

:stuck_out_tongue: :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

Nope, only one.

i dont know about those,im guessing false positive but if you still dont like them dont use those mod tools

I hate it when people quote me when I make a grammar mistake. :\

Updated with virus scan and youtube video

Awesome, but i don’t think it’ll compare with the new horizon tool?

good job man
nice post

I am going to test this program on a virtual machine, if it works, i’ll let all your guys know. And thanks for it :smiley:

I have already tested it and all the programs work besides “Fable2.exe and halocontainertool” for a virus which very well could be false positives.