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The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The game is crashing when I used ‘’ infinite skill points’’.

Get steam version

It doesn’t work on GOG? :frowning:

Nope see above your comment. Get steam version

I was replying to that comment. :frowning: Sad… I guess I’ll just do without it. I just bought the game.

You could always try it but it’s never guaranteed if the trainer isn’t made for that specific trainer

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It seems to be working! :yum: Well… At least two cheats aren’t working at all:

  • ADD XP
  • Infinite Skill Points

The game crashes. I’ll have to try other cheats, but those I wanted to try work.

Awesome, glad most of them seem to be working, as stated above we don’t provide any support for off distribution use ect your being on GOG while the trainer is made for steam :+1:

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All the cheats work for me except for one the infinite gold cheat does that affect your money or something else in the game cuz it doesn’t seem to affect the actual in-game money

That cheat affects the in game currency. Try enabling it then selling something, it should boost it to 99999999999.

I’ve bought and sold stuff with this cheat on but it doesn’t seem to change the actual money, haven’t been able to buy stuff because they were too expensive money-wise

I may have been mislead… The infinite money cheat doesn’t let your money decrease so the best option is to sell everything you don’t need then just craft stuff using the free crafting cheat rinse and repeat. Haven’t played this game in a while and almost forgot how I got so much money.

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The “Add Xp” and " Infinite Skill Points" are not working. Game crashes when I enable those 2 cheats. Please help and respond on any possible fixes. Thank you!

My guess would be reading the comments are other people who had the problem where using the GOG version.

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no toxicity doesn’t work for me. I’m on the steam version

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I’ve made this trainer available to vote for in the WeMod app! :slightly_smiling_face:

ok. Maybe I don’t understand what is the meaning of “no toxicity”. In my mind, I can drink all potions that I want

I don’t understand what the cheat does. The toxicity must stay at 0 and so it’s possible to take all potions that I want? Or it makes an other thing?

Because my problem is that toxicity increases when I take a potion or decoction.


Please update, unlimited durabilty doesn’t work at all. It crashes during mid-game, 50/50 that it might happen.

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