This horizon download!?!

why when i download this horizon.exe it wants to install .net framework 3.5, when i already have it and it wants to repair it?
but when i uninstall my .net framework 3.5 and use this download again it does NOT want to install its own 3.5 ??
All other programs and files on my laptop work fine with .net framework 3.5, i have even updated .net framework from 4.5.1 to 4.5.2 and it still dont work. and i have run a million repairs on both .net frameworks and are fine.

If you haven’t download the latest version download it here.

all i get told of here is try the new version and has the same problem has any body checked the download of horizon? in case its that?

Either download this clean up tool http://… or uninstall your current .net framework and install the latest version http://…ylang=en&id=21

Good Luck :thumbsup:

i have done a MILLION net frame work repairs as i said the first time my friend AND installed/uninstalled net framework MILLIONS of times too
and STILL cant do anything with the download SO has anybody checked the download for flaws, because looking at other threads on here most people are having trouble with the download!!..

The download is fine. I uninstall Horizon often just to test the installers when a new version is released. Has your friend tried installing it on his computer? Always use the animated “Download Horizon, Click Here” button in my signature below for the latest version.

IF we have this .net framework 3.5 on our pc/laptops WHY does it want to re-download the net framework 3.5 and then wants to repair it and when we havent got the net framework installed is dont install it automatically. I have just used another repair tool to repair ALL programs and even .netframework 3.5 AND 4.5.1 are perfectly fine…

It may look like it’s installing but it’s not if you already have it installed.
Just decline the repair/removal part for .Net when you get to that part of the install.

There is no decline button… It just downloads it automatically…

Steve this is the member that I tried helping for over 6 hours, there is something wrong with his/her computer, not Horizon.

I have opened the updates to windows and other Microsoft stuff instead of just windows and searched for updates and altogether WOW there was like nearly 100 updates lol but can’t check yet the fiancée, she’s on it at the moment lol :slight_smile:

thank you! the click here button worked for me