This is surprising ("?Warframe?")

I am honestly surprised that theres a trainer going to be made for Warframe(according to the request cheat page) when its a “online only” game and the devs are extraordinarily strict when it comes to cheats and ban those that use cheats(and some that dont), I understand its a Top Requested game but its strictly online. if possible could someone please explain this scenario to me as i dont understand how this could even be possible

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WeMod allows any game to be requested. Just because a game gets “funded” so to speak that does not mean it is going to be made.

WeMod has specifically stated that they are not going to create trainers for multiplayer games. If it gets funded is one thing and a trainer being made is a separate thing.

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We have refunded many of the points for people voting MP games.

Here and there a MP slip by like that.
I bet @staff do like before. Remove the game and refund the WP.

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ok thank you both for that explanation

Yeah those points are going to be refunded. Quite possibly rainbow six siege as well if the values are server sided.

totally agree with this.

RSS is multi only. Don’t even bother :smiley:

Not All The Time … You could restrict it to the one things like offline where you do missions

is server “sided” thou, but i dont lie, would be awesome to have a trainer with inmortal or something like that to reduce the stress of grinding huehue :robot: