This is why you shouldnt buy the 4-10K Microsoft Point accounts

I saw 2 threads about this today and i wanted to let you all know that this will get you in trouble with Microsoft.

Here is the proof

Please note i was buttering him up before i asked this question that’s why the chat was in the middle.

He even admitted that it will get you in trouble with Microsoft. I used trouble instead of banned because he probably gets 50+ people asking that a day.

Also please notice he didn’t say No Trouble until he noticed his mistake a whole 6 Seconds later he was trying to cover up that he said yes.

Let me break down on how this works the hacker or hackers steal Credit card numbers off of people computers by key logging them or using a RAT and they just make a new account put it on there and they buy the MSP and remove the Card boom no one notices it. Also when you get the info it has no avatar no nothing on it which proves they make new accounts on They also phish peoples accounts with their Credit Cards on them Phish means steal the account change the password and email and change the Gamertag. The victims of this can easily counter this. All they have to do is call Microsoft and tell them that they have been charged with $60-$300 for Microsoft points. Then they will find which account that card has been linked to. Find the console that has the account on it and boom banned. There is no way to hide your tracks from this to let you know.

Also check this out.

That basically explains it all. He even tells you that the account might get frozen.

In my opinion just buy them from the stores its better to spend 20-50$ then spending $200-$300 for a new xbox. That’s my warning don’t flame on me or troll me on this just trying to look out for you guys.

Also if you say “Ohh i have bought 5 accounts i haven’t been banned i’m awesome.” I don’t believe that one bit i’m sorry.

I have been doing this for the last 2 years wihtout an issue?

So you are telling us to buy the pre-paid MSP cards , and not pre-loaded accounts?

Don’t they make the accounts with dev kits?

No. I’m explaining why you shouldn’t. I don’t care if you do.

“Dev kit” is a pretty funny way of spelling “Stolen credit card”


I have to agree with this man, But I have been doing it for the past year or so now, and I have not gotten in any trouble. I have been banned more times for modding then using fished accounts. So I see no trouble in doing this.


You realize he said "Yes, no trouble"
He’s not even english, the guys who sell these accounts. They’re some other complete language and use google translate I believe.
I boguht over 80k points, no problems. Friends have bought a total of over 200k points - No warning or ban.

Thank you for your positive feedback. :smile:

I see nothing wrong with getting a pre-loaded account since im not the one stealing the money.

ive bought 2 accounts and it worked just fine i would show you the download history and orders but after i finish with the accounts i delete them and im not sure where to find the order history or w/e

So, where do you buy accounts from?
But don’t you have licence problems? Since you bought the content on another account?

To clarify: Dev kits have nothing to do with this.

Yeah I’ve never bought an account because I just don’t see how they do that.

This just insures me to never buy this again(even though I didn’t)

My friends buy them all the time, they even charge the credit card on the account again. So instead of 6000 MSPs they get 11000. One friend even bought 12 Months on the account and it worked.

The first time I did this I thought it was too good to be true and I figured it was at minimum phishing and probably credit card fraud, but the forum where this guy sells his accounts has like 60-70 people who have bought from him and given good reviews. Mods on that site give good reviews saying they have done it 10+ times or for years.

The account WILL GET LOCKED after 12-36 hours…every time. But it is supposed to.

What you do is delete your Xbox Live profile from your 360 so it isn’t associated with you. Then you purchase an account and recover it to your console. The seller tells you to spend the 10K or however many points as quickly as possible and then delete the purchased profile from your console.

The a day later or so you recover your old original Xbox Live account and all the stuff you bought will be playable on ANY Xbox Live profile on that particular console.

Now if your 360 dies or you get a new one you will never be able to use that stuff you bought again b/c it is specific to that console and that gamertag and of course you won’t be able to recover that gamertag later b/c it will be locked.

I have read that this happens a lot on the only real way for Microsoft to track it is by continually logging IP addresses, but this stuff rarely gets logged.

Personally, I don’t think I’ll do this again b/c I already get every retail game for free anyways with much less risk and I rarely buy DLC games and the ones I do purchase I don’t mind paying for like Super Meat Boy and Stacking. DLC for games is RARELY worth it.

With that said the risk of getting banned or in any sort of trouble is EXTREMELY low as long as you do it the way they tell you to.
NOTE: [b]The main way they do is by creating a fake site that imitates They then go into tons of forums giving links to that site saying log in here and get free Microsoft Points just by logging in.

Then they record the ******ed 1/100 people that are stupid enough to actually do that and get their info. 90% of Xbox Live accounts have credit card info stored on them. So the phisher buys about 10K points (the most you can buy without looking crazy suspicious) and then changes one detail of the credit card info so you can’t buy any extra points once you have the account.

Then the sell the account info to someone, they do all the steps and have to purchase/download all the DLC they can in about 12 hours AT NIGHT before that person logs back on and finds out (kicking you off in the process).[/b]This can be done a lot of other ways, but from what I understand this is the way lots of them do it especially in China/Russia.

I would never do anything like that because the people who actually phish/steal the info IF they get caught will do jail time. They often aren’t in countries that do anything about it like China/Russia though and if they were getting caught we would’ve heard about it.

But again I would say the risk for the person buying the account is extremely low and I haven’t heard of anyone getting banned, reset, or in trouble in any way. But again do so at your own risk.




I buy, sell and use these accounts frequently, no problems EVER.

You are just poking at this mans poor English, you do know DHGate is a Chinese based trading Marketplace correct?

He obviously speaks poor English, they all do, don’t see why you are trying to stir things up.

Phished account = stolen credit card = identity fraud = illegal.
Microsoft WILL ban a console that has a lot of recovered profiles. Even more so if the person who was phished calls the 1800 support number.

Wait nevermind. the new ToU says they will NOT support you if you enter your account details to a shady website, iirc.

still illegal though.