This version of the game may not work with wemod?

Hi I have contraband police and it found the game in wemod but when i click on play it says the version of the game your playing may not work with wemod… So is this because I need to update the game or wemode need to have a new update for this game so the cheats can work??? because I got the game 2 days ago and just downloaded it few hours ago so its up to date on the newest version for the game. So could this be because of this version I have in contraband polica it may not work with wemod verison??? If so maybe wemod needs to be updated to the version that contraband police has??? Please can someone from WeMod help me so this problem can be fixed so I can use my cheat please… I even paid for the pro and now I cant use it… :frowning:

Neither needs to be updated. The game uses unity so getting a reliable game version is hard to do. You can just ignore the message.

I installed the game again and now the message does not show up anymore. But now the cheats are not working at all… So when I want to use wemod I first open the game and then min the game and then open wemod and click on play on wemod and then I click on the cheats I want to use but now there not working at all plus it bugs my game sometimes meaning I can’t even move the guy and sometimes I can do everything but cheats will not work at all… any clues whats going on now???

Now I’m going to try to open WeMod first and then open contraband police on Wemod and see if that works out but if that does not work what then???

OK i just did it and it dod not work at all… the cheats are not working at all… what can I do???

Does the app say play or playing

I just tested the trainer and everything is still working correctly. Where did you buy the game, what game mode are you playing and did you get past the intro mission?

I got it on steam on sale with 2 games deals… I played the game already for 1 hour or so so Im in the story mod. I’m trying to just use the unlimited money, unlimited amo, no sway and no bullet dispersion so just these 4 mods

everything is working now but unlimited money is still not working. like the unlimited amo and no reload I had to turn off and on few times but then it started working but unlimited money is still not working… I think it maybe has something to do because it has SET next to it so every time I put a amount and then I click on SET and it does not work and then I tried doing it without clicking on SET still nothing… So the only one not working is unlimited money…

There is no mod for unlimited money in contraband police. You need to gain or spend some money after setting the amount for it to change.

I just found out the problem. it’s because the mod chat for money only works when you start a new story mod but the other stuff works normal even if your in a story mod for already a few hours but if I’m in my story mod that I saved and try to put unlimited money it won’t work at all but anything else works normal… could you guys see what the problem is and see if you guys can fix this problem so that I can use the unlimited money mod in my story mode that i saved already because if not I need to start all over again so that every Mod in WEMod works…

aaaaaa yes your right i was doing it the wrong way… I had to spend some money first and after I spent the money it would give me the money I SET in WeMod!! thank you sooo much for the help really!!! thank you!!!