This War of Mine Cheats and Trainer for Steam

was happy to see this at #1 on the list to be updated and now its 3rd just needs updating already been long enough with it crashing the game

The This War of Mine cheats have been updated!


  • Max Backpack Size cheat added
  • Unlimited Tools Durability cheat added
  • One Hit Kill cheat added
  • Set Game Speed cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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Correct me if I am wrong but was there not an option called something like “No Materials needed”? Is there a possbility to add that back into the trainer? Sorry for the inconvenience.

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That specific cheat was causing the game and trainer to crash. So i can see why it was removed.

Damn, cause thats basically the most important thing for me with this trainer. Well I guess it is just unlucky.


thank you somebody finally updated the cheats on god i was hitting the soulja boy dance


I read somewhere that the game devs implemented it in a way to stop us?! but yeah unfortunately that was also one of the main things that I would always use. Maybe yeah it’s easier to just remove the option as whole but I would really love it if @FLiNG was able to add “No Materials Needed” option back if possible …


It can’t be used! Please make sure that someone can use it! A rise could be used until you dated!

Can it be used on the DLC as well?


i think we all need the function of “crafting does not consume materials”……thank you very much if you can


There used to be, but that cheat kept causing the game to crash to desktop. So it was removed.

Maybe instead of making crafting not cost anything, could there be a cheat where it refunds the cost of crafting? Or would that not be feasible?

There should be something like a free craft