Thought on this does this seem legit/ worth it? will it run games?

Just gonna point this out right away but the big sticker on the side says AMD quad core and HD6530 so unless he has upgraded it then he is just scamming. At that price it is either really old components or not the ones he is say they are because even a last gen i7 goes for $230-$280 still and a 960 is $180 or so.

Thats was i thinking, but he it has the gtx 960 in it, he has a clear picture of it. I dont know, you think i should buy it and see what happens? lol

Ehh it is hard to say. It doesn’t seem like a terrible deal at the price. Even the older i7 920 still sell for around $70 then a mobo and what not on top of that would easily be another $100. If it isn’t what he described you can always dispute it but to be honest I would ask if he would remove it all from that crappy reverse atx case and ship the parts in a normal box for half the price without the case then buy a case.

do you think it will actually run games? lol

If it has a 960 it should run games.