Thoughts and profanity on the X1

This isn’t a review as such, it’s more me posting a few thoughts on the successor to the 360. There is some profanity in this incessant piece of rambling but not so much as there should be as I did try to filter it out and keep it clean HOWEVER, if it offends you, you’re welcome. The reason for doing so is that despite me owning the console since the “Day One” launch, I only really started using it a few months ago. Prior to that it was rarely turned on and was an expensive paper weight.

I’ll start off small, and with the actual design of the Xbox. Small the console is not, it’s big, bulky and heavy, but with what it does it’s to be expected. I like the overall design, it looks modern and sleek. It’s much nicer to look at than it’s predecessor.

The controller is not too dissimilar to the 360’s, with minor differences. The design is again nice. It sits in my hands nicely, and feels very comfortable. The thumbsticks in particular I like, the same with the triggers. Battery life doesn’t seem to last long though, and a plug and charge kit is duly needed, unless you’re into buying a **** ton of batteries, which I’m not.

The Kinect is much better than the 360’s, but still in my opinion worthless as **** to me. Apart from the commands it’s essentially a big ass camera that takes it more room than it should. Other people may get more use of it than me, but I still think at this current juncture that I’d rather have saved money on the console not to get this with it.

Performance wise, the One is good. Games seem to run decent and without much problems. Just little bits here and there which need smoothed out but overall it’s good. It does what it essentially says on the tin. It’s not going to run games at ultra high FPS at great quality like my PC does, but it provides a comfortable, casual gaming experience.

Games is my next topic. The range of games is ever increasing and a stark contrast to when the console was released. The genres available are becoming more diverse, and the quality seems to be improving from some awful launch titles. Hopefully in the coming year there’s more to say about this. Installing games whether it be from disc or download, has in my experience been a ballache. Like I will say in my next topic, things should be more simple.

Now we get on to the real ****kicker, the UI or dashboard or whatever you like to call it. My first impressions were that I liked the design, and to be truthful I still do. It’s Windows based, and is again for lack of better terms; modern and sleek. There are some nice features such as the snap feature, but that for me is where the good stops. It’s buggy, it’s laggy. It crashes, it freezes. It takes forever to open some features and apps and above all it just seems a lot more complicated than it should be. The simplest of things that were easy to find or do on the 360, seem to be menial and frustrating on the One. Things should be more simple, not the other way around. I know MS are trying to call this the ultimate entertainment experience, but , I’d call it the ultimate hairpulling experience. It’s not as though I’m not tech savvy, and maybe it is just me (It isn’t, my friends say the same), well maybe it’s just us who feels this way and have had this experience. That’s without talking about the “piece de la resistance”, the party system. Now they have made improvements to it since launch, but even now it’s a buggy, piece of horse and about as useful as a ***** made of marzipan. When it actually decides to work properly, it seems to be okay. Chat is clear, albeit not the greatest (may be the standard headsets that’s the cause), and it serves it’s purpose. Then of course it goes tits up, and you’re up **** creek especially if you’re playing zombies at a high round where communication is vital. One persons mic will randomly stop working altogether, another persons will only be able to hear another certain persons and then someone will get kicked and be unable to communicate unless they hard restart their console. I probably spend more time mucking about with the party and matchmaking systems than I do playing the thing. If I ever meet the people responsible for these piss poor things, I’ll roundhouse those ****heads and then give them a kick in the balls for good measure. Anyway, i could go on, but I don’t want to, and I’m sure you don’t want me to either. Who wants to read worthless **** about worthless ****? Exactly.

Ultimate entertainment experience my ass.

TL : DR - Get a Sega, it’s more fun and less frustrating. Unless you want to tear your balls off.

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