Titanfall Gets Horde Mode and More with Update #8;

[/img]Respawn Entertainment just announced the eighth update to Titanfall and this time around it’s a very big one, coming with a brand new simil-horde mode which will introduce co-op gameplay in the game.
The update will be released between today and tomorrow, depending on your timezone.
The full patch notes can be found below. Grab a cup of coffee and sit on your couch because there’s a lot to take in:

Source: TheTechGame.com

Can we never talk about Titanfail ever again?

Do people still play this game?

10 months too late. For god’s sake. They finally realise maps aren’t what we want. We want guns. Game modes. New grenades. Some form of new substance.

Ha, why is Respawn Entertainment still making/releasing content for this game?
…news flash, your game was dead a month after its release!

Second off, who wanted Horde mode for the game to begin with? Lol

PC is still pretty active. I can’t wait!