Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Steam

yep its normal the cheat was outdated we need an update

Please update this so it works, and make it so we don’t need a bypass anymore, like you did with Breakpoint. Also add Mega XP so we can progress Tier 1 faster.

Please update

The trainer is up to date. The game hasn’t been updated since 2020 and has been tested since then.

the bypass is broken and unplayable at this point

It is not broken.

can look through my ss why is it broken then?

Post a picture of the game’s folder with the bypass done.

i did what have been instructed.

And where are you launching the game from? The bypass has been tested by myself and other testers.

launching the game from WeMod of course and it did says the same thing as shown in the previous screeshot. If it’s still working why is other people had the same issue as me? Many of these request for update is because of the same issue that I had.

I returned to the game after months without playing it, the trainer works perfectly following the installation steps of the bypass

Undetected makes the game crash, unlimited resources makes the game crash, god mode makes the game crash.
And i’m following the instalation instructions exactly, so it’s not working perfectly…

Again it would be perfect if you updated it and made it so we don’t need the bypass. Also a mega XP/tier points option would be nice.

So is the Steam Version just broken, and never going to be updated/fixed, or what? Because whenever I try to activate wemod while trying to play in Ghost Mode (not Ghost Wars), I CTD. I’ve followed the instructions as given, I even followed how the launch was shown in the supplied youtube video step by step. Does the bypass even work? Normally .exe terminals show text while executing their function. Not only is it blank, it doesn’t even update. I’m pretty sure EasyAntiCheat got a separate update at some point, and now things just don’t work. God Mode crashes, infinite resources crashes, infinite skill points crashes. the only things that don’t crash are the weapon related ones, and even those are very hit-or-miss on if they actually activate. A few dozen people saying the same thing over several months can’t be wrong. Or are you TRYING to lose users? Because if that’s your goal, it’ll be a lot faster if you just say you stopped caring.

I haven’t even been able to get the game to launch, let alone get far enough for a crash.

Update: I have it kinda working. Switch to offline mode through steam, and I can mostly get it working. God Mode still causes a crash in Ghost Mode, and trying to get a new skill when either Infinite Skill Points or Infinite Resources has been activated causes a CTD, regardless of whether it was active during a purchase. Same story when I pick up new resources when Infinite Resources has been active. so… Can we please get these fixed? PLEASE?? Ghost Mode really doesn’t like the trainer.