Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Ubisoft

The trainer is for single-player only.

Hello i was wondering if it is possible to make these mods for Xbox PC version now its on gamepass?

Game pass is just the uplay version. It should have forced you to install uplay

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the bypass wont work for me it keeps saying VCRUNTIME 140.dll was not found any ideas?

can you add fast tire one on origen pls

oh sorry i mean ubisoft

I feel like I am missing a step. I followed the video link to get the bypass for EAC, made sure I swapped the files/ renamed the one ect. I made sure I run the 3rd party program while the game is loading up, but every time I load into a single player game, it crashes instantly. It doesn’t do it when I don’t run the trainer.

still not work for me :frowning:

Wildlands need a fresh Update…it´s Buggy…

can you update this trainer please and also do a new instruction video please i did the bypass and it does not even work on both wildland and breakpoint

for ubisoft go to history chose 3/29/2019 now you have fast tire one some mod not mork but fast tire one is still work


Does this still work ?

Will using Stealth allow me to complete the Sam Fisher mission that ruined the game for me and many others ?


nah it just make so they just wont shoot you personally

Hey! Thanks for creating this beautiful mod. I wondered if it is at all possible you could create an “instant tier 1” cheat for this game. I would really appreciate it.

The trainer does work. Please make sure you are following all of the instructions.

…well, that’s right, at least God Mode, Unlimited Resources and Skills not working, crashing the game…and why is disappear so wonderful option No wait between synchronized shots…

is it possible to get an update to this mod. anti cheat now detects the file swap and no longer loads at all and gives an error message