Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six : Siege

Hello everyone,

I was looking into the siege cheat request and I am seeing one problem. Battle eye. With battle eye active on the game it means that the best way to any mod or cheat to remain functional or active. Is for it to be closed. This means that it would have to be on an invite list so that not many people can use the cheat/mod at the same time. With 11 people contributing to this cheat/mod. I think that it should be rising soon but I wanted to know your strategy to approaching this game.

Do we already have a Trainer for this, or you want to make a request for this particular game ? It can be done here, under this link, if you wish (for ONLY the SINGLE player campaign, that is), not for MP.

Btw, yes, the BattlEye is indeed an anti-cheat protection system, strong enough to disable in-game cheats.

We will not have an invite only cheat. Isn’t R6 Siege a multiplayer only game? If so we will not make a trainer for it regardless and will be removing it from the list.

Yes, I think you are correct. But, according to WIKI, the page does say that this game includes a SINGLE player mode as well, basically single-player missions called Situations, IMO.

Not fully sure, because I don’t have this title with me, nor can I confirm whether the single player still requires an online always connection.

The game is multi only. The “Single Player” is a forced online “situations” mode where you’re alone and have to try to complete challenges to advance to the next set of challenges.

The problem is that even if an offline cheat is created it would just be for scenarios which would result in the user being able to gain more in-game currency for the online/offline.

There’s also the fact that you can’t even play RSS without an internet connection which hints to the fact that everything is wired together with at least half of the data on their server so you couldn’t do anything but unlimited ammo and health anyways.

Thanks to BattleEye it would also be way too easy to ban people since they check even the slightest info deplacements if there are any suspicions. It would bring bad rep to WeMod which I don’t think the admins want.

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I agree. I thought it’d be useful to bring that up.