Tom Clancy's: The Division - Unlimited Mag/Clip

The image below was not captured by myself but I want to know if Infinity will more than likely get involved on this game?..

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Yep if there’s a single player mode in it. And more than just unlimited ammo, it will get a proper trainer.

From what I have played, you can either play solo or co-op, or PvP. It’s meant to be an MMO though. Not sure if this will effect anything because this usually means your constantly online.

Risk of getting banned if we are online all the time, i bet Ubisoft wont give us the total freedom of cheating in their game.
Almost have to see what the full game would be like before we can see if Infinity can have any use.

Unless it is PVP I don’t see them doing anything at all. They will use their crappy anticheat and move on just like they do with every other game they make.

What the hell? the game is still in beta and its already hacked. I had no intention to buy this anyway.

From what I read there’s no anti cheat and everything’s client side

What the hell was ubisoft thinking lol, every single game nowadays (from what i play) has anti cheat on.

The following links contain more in depth info and footage of the Beta being edited in real-time…

Watch them delay the game another year just to fix this…

It’s a weekend beta, obviously they’re not going to have anti cheats yet. If they’re not using their own anti cheat, it’s just that much more money they have to spend on licensing one.

You say real time as if it’s some unheard of thing. Cheat engine would be considered “real time”.

To replicate that just cheat engine your ammo… I doubt it’s actually unlimited, just because it appears to be infinite on your client doesn’t mean it is for everyone. I bet if you shoot someone it would do nothing. That’s how ubisofts rainbow six siege is.

Many anti cheats are moving to kernel anti cheats, i’m sure ubisoft won’t be far behind.