Too Human 1 Save Editor

Well - here it is, the project nicknamed “9 Years Too Late”.

The first release of my Too Human save editor is now available. This project is open sourced and contributions / feedback are welcome.

Working Editors:

  • Character
  • Stats
  • Skill Tree
  • Obelisk
  • Weapons (16,257 Variations)
  • Runes (3013 Variations)
  • Charms (154 Variations)
    Also customisable values, paint colours and many more features.

NB: This is a work in progress so please don’t expect a finished product.


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Update: v1.0.2 has now been released, bringing with it the Armour Editor. Get it from the link below:

Latest Release

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Has anyone actually gotten this to work? I’m running into all kinds of issues. For example, the Charms: even though I mark the progress as 100% complete and insert all required runes in the editor, I’m not able to insert the completed charms into higher level charms once I’m in the game (e.g. it won’t let me infuse a Lvl3 charm with a Lvl2 charm despite everything showing as completed). It’s as though the game doesn’t treat them as completed despite what the UI shows.

Also, the rune adder feature crashes your game. I’ve tried every workaround I can think of and no matter what, the game crashes when you try to load your character from the main menu.

It’s really a shame because this is far and away the most feature-dense editor out there for this game. I’ve tried two other editors and while they work as advertised, they do not include the weapon, rune, and charm features of this one. Did development stop at v1.0.2? Perhaps there’s a newer build that wasn’t posted in this thread? I would really love for the bugs to be worked out because I’m just not able to use it in its present state.