Top Spin 4 Mod Tool

Version :

  • Drag/Drop only
  • Drag/Drop your save,change values save, play :

You can use special chars for names : p

Changelg :

[details=Open Me]*******************************************************************
Top Spin 4 XP Mod Tool | CHangelog


  • Added : Checkboxes for FirstName, Last Name and Residence. (Checked = Write).

  • Better load & processes (internal), Fixes & Tweaks.

  • Some changes in UI.


  • Added : Main Menu now have a “Tips” button.
    It explains how to mod your player stats to 100 :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Added : Check/Uncheck Backup box with (Ctrl + B).
  • Added : Save with (Ctrl + S).
  • Added : Double-click on XP vox to Max Out.
  • Added : Double-click on Level box to Reset.
  • Added : ‘About’ Form, with lonks to support forums.
  • Max XP is now 100 000.
  • Max Level is now 20 (in-game Maximum).
  • Names Totally Fixed ! (grrr).
  • Tweaks …


  • Added : Log, works offline (Main Menu).
  • Added : Player Level & XP Spent (!)
  • Added : Click on App Icon to open Menu (Changelog & How-To items).
  • Added : Yo have the choice, backup or not before saving.
  • Added : You can upload saves. (Main Menu).
  • Fixed : Names , again.
    Saving First Name, Surname AND Residence at the same time could be slow …
    I need some saves to determinate exactly their positions and improve process,
    Thanks for some contribution.

Every upload will be very appreciated, Thanks a lot ![/details]

Download : [b][/b]

Mirrors :

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Credits : Me : p thx!

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Dont post this cheater might put into horizon and youll never get credit

Top Spin 4?
LOL. geee.
Looks interesting… If I ever play the game i’ll use this.

are you trying to be stupid?

Nice UI :open_mouth:

Thanks Cheater :smile:

Is anybody’s game freezing after they load the modded character?

Hmm nice tool might come in handy if I buy the game also is the game fun I always see it and wonder should I get lol thanks for posting it

Top Spin 4 LMFAO

Ima do this for the crack lol