Torchlight Effect Value and ID Modding


  1. Put all the items you want to mod into your “Shared Stash” chest (NOT the “Stash” chest)

  2. Exit Game to save then return to dashboard

  3. Extract your Gamesave off your xbox (USB, xport, etc.)

  4. Open your save in [b]Horizon[/b]

  5. Extract “sharedstash.bin” from your save

  6. Open sharedstash.bin in a HEX Editor

  7. Search for “FFFFFFFFFFFF0000006400000064”

  8. Your Values start 13 bytes after the last 64 from the above hex code


  1. Save and exit HEX Editor

  2. Replace your OLD sharedstash.bin with your modded one

  3. Rehash and Resign

  4. Replace your Save on your HDD/USB

  5. Load up Torchlight from the Games Library

  6. Load save and enjoy!

Change the values to anything between 4400 - 4800 (4400 = a few thousand, 4800 = a few hundred thousand)

Some items may have more than 1 effect. For example if an item has 4 effects (Add HP, Add MP, Ice Damage and Fire Damage). In HEX Editor you will have 4 different areas to mod. Item Names are in Upper and Lower case letters, and Effects are ALWAYS IN UPPER CASE.

NOTE: DO NOT PUT TOO HIGH OF A NUMBER FOR MOVEMENT SPEED, CASTING SPEED OR HEALTH. If you have too much Health, you will keep dying until you unequip it (if you can’t unequip it before an Autosave, your character will stay dead as if you had Hardcore Mode on).

[u][/u]EFFECT ID MODDING[b][/b]

  1. Do the above steps on how to get the save ready for modding

  2. Find the Effect Name (NOT Item Name)

  3. Count 6 bytes after the name

  4. Your ID is the 7th byte after the Effect Name


ID List (made and tested all by me):

01- +Range Damage
02- +Fire Damage
03- +Magic Attribute
04- +Mana
05- +Health
06- Mana Restore
07- Health Restore
08- +Armor
09- N/A
0A- +Damage
0B- +Damage Taken Increased
0C- +Knockback
0D- +Sight
0E- +View Angle
0F- -Melee Damage
10- +Range Damage
11- +Defence
12- +Magic
13- +Mana
14- +Health
15- +Movement Speed
16- +Attack Speed
17- +Armor
18- N/A
19- +All Damage
1A- -Damage Taken
1B- +Magic Find
1C- +Gold Drop %
1D- +Faster Cast Speed
1E- +Health Steal
1F- +Mana Steal
20- +Damage Reflected Back to Attacker
21- +Chance to Block
22- +Reduced Level Requirements
23- +Armor
24- +Magic Defence
25- +Fire Resisitance
26- +Ice Resisitance
27- +Electrical Resistance
28- +Poison Resistance
29- +Sight
2A- +View Angle
2B- +Knockback
2C- N/A
2D- Create Town Portal
2E- Identify Item
2F- +Summon Duration
30- +Damage Reflect
31- +Life Steal
32- +Mana Stolen on Hit
33- +Gold Drop
34- +Damage
35- +Knockback Resistance
36- +Degrade Armor
37- +Crit Chance
38- +Interupt Chance
39- Transform into Bat (use on a fish only)
3A- N/A
3B- N/A
3C- +Reflect Missile Damage
3D- N/A
3E- +Chance to Block
3F- N/A
40- +Chance to Stun
41- +Learn ???
42- +Armor Degrade per Hit
43- Desummon a ???
44- +Experience Gain
45- +Stregth Attribute
46- +Dexterity Attribute
47- +Strength
48- +Dexterity
49- Transform into a Troll (use on a fish only)
4A- Cast ???
4B- Cast DOG
4C- Cast ???
4D- +Fame Gain
4E- +Missile Range
4F- +Chance to Fear Target
50- +Chance to Convert Target
51- +Chance to Cast ??? When Struck
52- +Level to ??? Skill
53- -% Vender Prices
54- +Fishing Luck
55- +Attack Spell Levels
56- +Defence Spell Levels
57- +Charm Spell Levels
58- +Damage When Duel-Wielding
59- +Crit Damage
5A- +Potion Effectiveness
5B- +Pet/Minion Damage
5C- +Pet/Minion Speed
5D- -Item Requirements 
5E- -Armor Requirements
5F- -Spell Requirements
60- +Pet Town Travel Speed
61- +Pet/Minion Armor
62- +Martial Weapon Requirement
63- +Martial Weapon Damage
64- -Range Weapon Requirement 
65- -Mage Level Requirement
66- +Range Weapon Damage
67- +Mage Weapon Damage
68- +Pet/Minion Health
69- Cast ??? on Death
6A- +Chance to Freeze Target
6B- +Chance to Burn Target
6C- +Chance to Poison Target
6D- +Chance to Shock Target
6E- Kills Unit Immediately
6F- Sets Unit Visible
70- Fades Unit Out
71- Warp to Specific Dungeon
72- Permently Increase Strength
73- Permently Increase Dexterity
74- Permently Increase Magic
75- Permently Increase Health
76- Permently Increase Defence
77- Permently Increase Mana
78- +Add Stat Point(s)
79- Resistance to Flee
7A- +Damage Absorption
7B- +Mana Recovery
7C- +Health Recovery
7D- +Health Stolen to master on Hit
7E- +Health Stolen to Master
7F- +Chance to Stop ???
80- Silences Target
81- N/A
82- +Emotional Damage
83- +Futuristicness
84- +Jauntiness
85- +Socks
86- +Resistance to Logic
87- Noodle Arms
88- +Interupt Resistance
89- +Resistance to Charm
8A- +Resistance to Silence
8B- +Stun Resistance
8C- +Slow Resistance
8D- N/A
8E- Swaps pos With Pet
8F- Respec

[size=25][b]Effect ID List Download[/b][/size]

Can you explain a little better? Sorry, but when I do this and change the value nothing happens.

Um… explain what better, the tutorial is as noob friendly as it can get lol ???

Nice tut!

Nice Tutorial!

Nice, I have been following your progress as well as the other couple people who helped over at the other site, liking all the effect lists

My save doesnt look anything like yours… the 7th byte after the effect name is empty, as is the line supposedly containing effect strength. Maybe it’s different for items and potions? I’m trying to mod a ring with + Magic Find

That and I don’t understand what we have to change, do we change all the things youve highlighted in green? is there some way to find there values as a reference point for how strong an effect is going to be?

Make sure you are looking under the Effect Name and NOT the Item Name. The values are in the same spot for all items.

I was, I’d attach the bin but I can’t attach files and I already deleted it. I pretty much gave up on it though even the files that were similar changes didn’t stick to. I tried changing the values, the ID’s and both and nothing worked.

Well if you can take a screenshot and upload it.

This is a great tutorial!

Okie Dokie, this is actually a different item

Green - Bytes where the Effect ID should be correct? (I didnt know whether to start from the last byte of the name or the beginning of the line after it)

Black - Line where “FFFFFFFFFFFF0000006400000064” should be but as you can see the search located nothing

Red - String of bytes that should indicate the effect value but in the wrong place.

I want to know what to edit to make the ring have an effect of “Increase chance to find Magic items” and a value of “50%”

The 05 is the effect ID you currently have for recover health, change that to 1B. I don’t know the exact value you would change to get +50% tho, just try changing it to a value a bit higher.

How do I change it higher?

What I mean by that is what Byte(s) do I need to change and how do I figure out what they are (would be)? I know for instance FF is higher than F0 but is there a way to have a general idea how much it would increase in game?

Update I changed the 05 to the 1B and the ring now has +47% increased Magic Find.

That means two things, A: the 47 is a value of one of the bytes because it was +47 health. and B: I could probably do that with Gold hm?.. experiment time!

You need to change the bytes that you have outlined in red. The values are in float so the highest value isn’t just FF. The float values start at 3F80 as being default. and the highest is I think 4FFF or 5FFF. However finding float values is something I haven’t looked into much.

I did find out that 50 is 4248 in Hex for float values.

Use this [size=30][b]SITE[/b][/size] to convert DEC to HEX in float.

I have also noticed all of the +electric,frost,fire,poison damage ID’s are all the same, 0A so they must be identified as different somewhere else? How would you go about changing +Poison damage to +Electric damage? I changed the 0A to +All Damage and it now says “+4 to all electric damage” instead of “+4 Electric Damage”

Ok I have a +38% gold find, +34% magic find and +47% magic find and ive killed about two dozen monsters and not found a single green, blue, gold, or purple. But the + magic attribute stat worked because when I take the ring off it drops.

Okie Dokie… I got the ring to say +100% gold find by taking the value (The 8 bytes that equal ~46.7 making 47) and changing just the 46 to 99 so it read 99.73223809234 or something. So if you get a float value that is a repeating decimal or a lengthy decimal leave everything right of the decimal point alone and just change the whole number with rounding in mind. That being said I also discovered the 8 bytes after the Float value represent a whole number. In this case 4 and 7 or 47. I dont know if that is the real value the game uses, or the expected rounded number but I left it alone and the game still shows 100% increased magic find.

Yeah this isn’t making any difference at all. I just tested it on Floor 1 and 10 and unequipping the items I changed to +500% gold find, +100% Magic, and +500% magic find and nothing changed between having them equipped or unequipped.

Ok gold find increases the chance of an enemy dropping gold (I’ve found as long as that chance is at least 1%)

and by contrast “Gold Drop” actually increases how much is dropped. 500 changed drops averaging in the 20’s to averaging in the 220’s I’m going to change it to a four digit value and see what happens

I have some questions and I’m only asking because I’ve tried everything a dozen different ways for a couple hours on end (4 and running this morning)

What do the multiples do or how do they differ for instance:
0A- +Damage and 34- +Damage
0D- +Sight and 29- +Sight (both of which seem to do nothing I might add)

Also what in the hell is this stuff? lol

41- +Learn ???
43- Desummon a ???
4A- Cast ???
4B- Cast DOG
4C- Cast ???
51- +Chance to Cast ??? When Struck
52- +Level to ??? Skill
69- Cast ??? on Death
6F- Sets Unit Visible
70- Fades Unit Out
71- Warp to Specific Dungeon
7F- +Chance to Stop ???
82- +Emotional Damage
83- +Futuristicness
84- +Jauntiness
85- +Socks
86- +Resistance to Logic
87- Noodle Arms

Also I noticed when I level up, things revert to other numbers for isntance:
+100% slow resistance reverted to 48%
+500 Gold Drop reverted to +7
+25 Missile Range reverted to +8
+25% Attack Speed reverted to +8%
+25% Experience reverted to +8%

I changed a "Catfish"s effect ID to the effect ID that is labeled “Turn into a Bat” and used it from my pets inventory and it just changed him into a cat.
I changed the ID of a Mana Potion to “Respec” and that didn’t work. It said “Refund all skill points” but I used it and nothing happened.

That and 90% of the time when I make changes after exiting to title my character has been deleted from the Load Character screen.

I am assuming I’m doing something wrong so I will walk you through what I did and maybe you can tell me where I screwed up?

Lets take the HP Add value from a “Vital Silver Ring”
3F800000423B06844080000040E00000 (This is I’m assuming the Value of the HP Add)

In game this ring has “+47 Health”
I’m going to break it down 4 bytes at a time and calculate everything out from 32bit Hex Float into Decimal Float
3F800000 = 1
423B0684 = 46.75636291503906
40800000 = 4
40E00000 = 7

What I’ve been doing is just changing the value of the decimal number keeping the decimal and using “Not Rounded” when converting that decimal to Hex so “46.75636291503906” becomes “99.75636291503906” and “42C78342” in Hex then;
3F800000 423B0684 40800000 40E00000 (1, 46.75636291503906, 4, 7)
3F800000 42C78342 40800000 40E00000 (1, 99.75636291503906, 4, 7)

My questions here are;
Do I need to change the value of 1? What does that 1 represent?
Do I need to use a whole number for the “46.75636291503906” and make it say “100” before I convert it back into Hex Float?
Do I also have to change the values for “4” and “7” into say “9” and “9” (or “1” “0” “0” if I do need to use whole numbers)?
Do I need to use “Rounded” or “Not Rounded” when converting back into Hex? (the Hex values it gives you do end up different sometimes)

The result I get is the game rounds up to the nearest whole number and the item description changes from “+47 Health” to “+100 Health” and it does indeed add 100 health but if I level up it changes to a lower number like above and if I save the file becomes corrupt so what am I doing wrong?