Torrent Games Won't Extract Please Help

Ok i have a 60Gb flash drive i use for all my rgh needs the problem is the games do not show up on my hard drive after they say they succesfully were extracted ok so heres the process i follow

Download a game torrents
Open in Winrar
Extract Files to the folder they are already created in “Extract Here” which is in my downloads folder
Open Iso Extractor locate my newly extracted torrent extract the Iso to the destination folder made on my usb flash drive i usually make a folder named Torrent Games and extract all games there
Now after the extraction is completed and it says done and what not i go to check the flash drive and it is not there
I have tried creating a folder on my desktop extracting the Iso there then just copy that folder over to my flash drive and that did not work ether
I tried extracting to a 8.5Gb disc and this does not work ether
I tried extracting to 8.5Gb verbalism cd disc.
I tried using different fresh torrent different game torrents using different reputable torrent sites
I then tried using 360 Mp Gui it starts extracting then after 5 mintues or so when it’s almost complete i get and error messaging stating “Write Errror: Invalid Arguement failed to extract xbox iso image dgr-vt4.iso”

Try reformatting your usb

Did 4 times ok just so i am sure i did evrything right correct i did nothing wrong just one of the techonolgies failed to do it’s job correct?

Three things you can try:
1)Chkdsk command in CMD

  1. Discpart command in CMD

  2. run regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies and then right click and hit modify on WriteProtect and then turn off that value (change it to 0).