Total Conflict: Resistance Cheats and Trainer for Steam

As I have previously said “Unless more people ask/pressure the dev/play this game, I dont think the status quo will change” and after a week and around 2000 Wemod members using the cheats for Total Conflict (as the time of writing), it seems like I have made a mistake. I should have just said “The status quo wont change”

After a week of people asking @STiNGERR to add more cheats and reporting bugs, the dev have not said anything, the game is not on any update list, and is apparent Total Conflict will not even get more cheats. Me and probably many of the people complaining have no idea how to get Total Conflict updated and fixed other than to complain more in the chat for Total Conflict to get the dev’s attention.

Unless the dev decide to do anything about it, the people using the cheat will just continue to complain the same thing over and over again.

Furthermore, @MLGENIE said that “WeMod thoroughly explores all available options and does testing to ensure the trainer/cheats are functioning properly.” First, as @darcs989796 and multiple others have claimed that not all the cheats work and there are problems with people trying to use the cheat. So that first argument already falls apart. Secondly “As far as the queue time goes, we do not control the queue pro users do by boosting them in the queue.” And as a Pro user I can 100% positively tell you after 25 boost it does nothing, after 2 weeks and being 1st on the queue to only get 5 basic cheats with bugs because the development time only took (barely) one day. Which lead to my final point “The trainer was released 2 days ago. Please be patient with us as we work hard to provide more.” Now its been a week and nothing added/fixed.

In conclusion, people are totally justified to be pissed at the lack of effort put into it, (barely) one day of development and a buggy experience. There is also no communication from the Wemod team other than MLGENIE giving a rather generic response with no promise of updates/bug fixes.

Edit: Total Conflict is updated (15/3/2023) and Wemod is planning to put it onto the update queue. I hope that after so many responses the cheats for the game will finally be expanded and fixed of bugs


Perhaps this game is too niche, but other niche games also frequently update and add new features, and the modifier for this game is now like dead.

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Unfortunately, there is a problem not only with this game, but also with Warno, where mrantifun does not even bother to check the performance of his brainchild on the new game modes in the form of operations, while he was told several times that cheats do not work in that mode, but nothing has changed and several times the inscription requires updating just disappeared and there are no updates it was and it wasn’t


Man does it not sound fun to pay for pro and still not get working cheat

mainly what i’m disappointed of is the amount of cheats, they’re too few. so in my opinion it isn’t fun to pay for pro and not get at least what i hoped for

i kinda agree with everybody now, i know and understand wemod is fully free unlike the other cheat place that need to pay first so they could give more cheat feature but could we get more feature maybe?

Not working for me and not enought cheat actually.

Hi krullen, It works on my end.
-unli health
-unli ammo
-no reload
-unli grenades

Does all the cheats are not working on your pc?

or are you referring to vehicle units?

Amazing mods! Unlimited health only works for yourself as a heads-up to everyone here. I would love to see a cheat for resources, Morale as well as instant production/ spawning items, like certain optics, uniforms, and tanks etc. It’s too much micromanaging to create an actual uniformed army.


baba black sheep how many wool

this is definitely what I want, especailly research and instant construction

thats interesting, i am not sure whats wrong, but all the mods doesnt seem to work for me nor the other people. Anything different on your part?

Played it today only one cheat working

  1. Unlimited health.

dont see what the problem is just use cheat engine or cheath###### table and find resources there really easy to do

well i mean its the dev job to do it for us
, isnt this why the app exist

hey can we please get some better mods for this game like faster construction/research time, unlimited money/resources?

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Since the cheats are not coming any time soon or so it seems here is at least a research cheat making everything take 10 days to research.

could not use any function at all


I can confirm that the functions are not working, trainer needs update for version 0.50.0

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As of 07/11/2023 all cheats work with version 0.50.0 of Total Conflict.

The cheats ONLY WORK when you are in single direct control (FPS mode) of a unit. That one unit gains the cheat abilities. Unfortunately, they do not affect any other units in your army or while in tactical mode (RTS). My suggestion, put your troops in formation, then take control of a vehicle or soldier with an RPG, then wreck havoc!