Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I have gotten this same thing to happen to me still to this day. This happens on not only older saves, but even if you start a new game, use the instant reforms, click end turn. New turn start’s, you pick the new reform you want, then save the game, then this “bug’s out” just like what MoralSquare62 has stated. This is the only cheat that I’ve noticed that has a weird bug to it, so other than that, Thanks for all the hard work put into these cheats for this trainer.

1.7.2 Out, Please Update <3

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update please!

The trainer was tested after the update, and everything was working. If you are going to ask us to update, at least provide a list of what isn’t working, please.

Thanks for the feedback.
I am playing 1.5.2 version of the game, maybe thats the problem, but only “Unlimited Public Order”, “Supplies”, “Super Cities”, “Instant Skill Cooldown”, “Max EXP”, “Unlimited Skill points” and “Rapid Construction” are working, all the others as they are activated come off automatically with a buzzing noise.
Hope you can help, thanks in advance.

Hello. I am acutely tormented by the question of the possibility of adding the “happiness of the generals” to the trainer? If there is an opportunity to add this additional code, please, I kindly ask you to do this.

The game is on version 1.5.3; where did you buy it?

I dind’t, the game is too expensive in my country. Then the problem is that, thanks for the help!

The ones for money, movement, god mode, max exp, and fast construction are not working.

Most of the cheats were working but all of a sudden two days ago the “unlimited Skill points” ceased to work… and I guess “Max Exp” too…

Now I haven’t played this game just yet, but could somebody tell me what “Instant Reforms” do?

Great trainer, still works for me, at least so far but i came here looking for an answer to what in the heck does “super cities” do?! Seen it asked multiple times and go unanswered…hopefully this one won’t… WHAT ARE SUPER CITIES??? :grin:

Hello, The unlimited skill point and instant skill cool down cheat is not working.

May I suggest if you have the time, to change the unlimited money to a value type of cheat where we can input the amount of money we want instead?

The unlimited skill point as well if you could make it to be value type of cheat as well.

I played steam version of the game and i dont know how to check which version they are at unfortunately. But i am sure it is the latest version steam has as i just checked the files for integrity and its updates.

Appreciate the work that is done here… thank you very much.

What campaign are you playing? Both are working fine for me.

Gives population to 20mil along with Reserves and Credibility.

Yes the unlimited skill point is not working, in any campaign, could you please fix it?

Max experience doesn’t work either, please fix it soon, thanks

Haf of the option broken pls fix

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so this is the limit of 5 creators with thousands of games to handle

unlimited money, unlimited public order aren’t working anymore