Trainer attempting to download viruses on my computer?

I recently downloaded a trainer for Terraria. When I tried to use said trainer I got a warning from windows security saying that a threat had been detected and blocked. When I checked the log it said that the trainer had attempted to install a trojan horse virus onto my computer. I would appreciate it if someone could look into this. I am not knowledgable enough to figure this out. the trainer in question was MrAntiFun’s Terraria Trainer. I know it’s probably not the trainer creator’s fault, trojans can show up in any download. I’m just looking to warn people to be careful when they run trainers on their computers with no antivirus.

The way WeMod works it is not possible for our trainer creators to add viruses to WeMod. The result is a false positive likely caused by the way we protect our code. Several antiviruses automatically flag any file that they cannot scan. WeMod has over 8 million members and over 7000 5 star reviews on Trust Pilot.

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This was the kind of response I was hoping to receive. I know that windows defender can get spooked by these things, I just wanted to double check before going ahead with whitelisting it.

Yes, it was a false positive. :slight_smile:

In the future, please use the forum’s search feature, where you will find this query already addressed. Such as here: Windows Defender marked WeMod as a Trojan. And please try to avoid misleadingly false, scaremongering thread titles (I edited yours slightly because it was misleading and borderline slanderous).

Thank you. :slight_smile: