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Trainer error


My state of decay 2 trainer is not showing on pc app help .


Can you please post a screenshot? :slight_smile:



Are you running any anti virus? Looks like WeMod was blocked from downloading the trainer info :slight_smile:


I have windows defender and I added exclusion for wemod.exe and folder but still not showing.if so how to fix it.


Can you hit CTRL+Shift+D and save the log from there by right clicking and selecting “save as” and then private message me the log so I can look through it for you :slight_smile:


How to save it there is no option


You must right click with your mouse :slightly_smiling_face:


You need to go to the console tab.


This is showing .




This will be fixed in today’s update :slight_smile:


The problem is fixed thanks .


Glad its finally working for you ! Now get cheating!


Glad the update fixed the issue for you! :slightly_smiling_face: