Trainer for Escape From Tarkov?

I never post anything on here i usually just enjoy using wemod but i was wondering if perhaps there could be a trainer for Escape from tarkov? Its a game that has blown up lately and well i know its a multiplayer game and all but something like adding money to buy things would be nice for like the offline environment to try new setups for raids. If it isnt possible then i understand i figured i try either way since is a game that i started to like a lot.

A trainer for Escape From Tarkov will probobly never be made for WeMod as their view on online cheating is a non tolerance stance.

Offical support post by WeMod Staff:

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Yes due to the online aspects of the game we will not be able to make a trainer for tarkov

I’m gonna re-iterate a few things others have said and add something else as well. Team WeMod does not condone online cheating nor will we ever make a trainer with the intention it will be used online. Secondary to that, I would suggest you not try ANY cheats for EFT as while it’s blown up in popularity, they’ve recently added Battleye anti cheat and it’s one of the most aggressive and hard to deal with anti cheats. Most of the time the bypass requires a system driver level bypass and even then, people will still be banned from time to time.

Best of luck and happy raiding!

You say that… but.
Battlefield 1, 3, 4, hardline, V
PayDay 2
7 days to die
L4D1, 2
Arma 3
Space Engineers

All have Trainers.
Given some of these games are to concentrate on the single-player like Wargames. but the games with multiplayer sides like SE, Arma, and GTAV are really nasty.

I fully understand what Crazy is asking for. EfT is a VERY unforgiving game. and the learning path is usually blocked by the game pushing you to a unsaving offline mode (means it doesnt save progress) or a hell-on-earth ultimate survival combat sim in online mode. where one you can have plenty of time and no worry of fighting other players, so you can pop your gun freely. The other is SEAL Team 6 in Pakistan levels of stealth needed to keep yourself alive. So online mode is not suitable for such a task.

We understand where the confusion is but EFT is an online only game. It is protected by battleye and whilst there is a pretty bad cheating problem at the moment, we won’t add to the problem. Even cheating in an offline raid would get you banned due to battleye. I do have some decent news though, you can look into something called EmuTarkov which is in no way related to WeMod at all so we take no blame were anything to go wrong. It’s an independent project started to play tarkov offline with full progression and saving :slight_smile: It can be tweaked in tons of ways as well.

EDIT: Extra note JustEmuTarkov is not affiliated with WeMod or BattleState Games (EFT Creator)

It is an independent project hosted by a third party.