Trainer for Fear 2: Project Origin and Homefront

I would like to see a trainer for both of these Steam games if possible, in order to increase the replayability of both. The only options that I need are infinite ammo, all guns, and super armor (but not infinite health; do not want “God mode”, just want to be harder to kill).

I’ll do something for Homefront.

As for Fear 2, maybe some other dev (@unknown_v2/@REPPiN) would like to make a trainer or i would at a later date if they don’t want to.

Thank you for your consideration; I really appreciate it!

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I’ll look forward to Homefront @STN

Just doing my periodic check, STN. How is that Steam Homefront cheat coming?

there is a cheat on infinity already

@amaze122 Was done a week after my post here i think