Trainer not working for Halo Infinite

So I was getting errors when trying to load mods for Halo Infinite, i made a report in the Discord support channel. I had gotten help from @MLGENIE there and he had given me loads of tips and possible workarounds, tried them all but to no avail. I am making this post to maybe get some insight to managment and someone named “Chris”. Please if anyone has anymore possible fixes, any insight will be appreciated.

The Steps followed have been a full clean reinstall of wemod and added all folders to the antivirus section. Checked the quarantine added the game manually as well.

Hey buds are you still having this issue? Sorry no one has responded yet.

Yeah unfortunately I am, you find a fix yet

Let’s try to close down the app and turn on vpn then relaunch the app,if that doesn’t work @Ravenfyre might have some insight.

Greetings. :vulcan_salute:

  1. Use the trainer until it fails.

  2. Go to your settings in the WeMod software by clicking the cog wheel in the top-right.

  3. Under the General tab, click “Save Log”.

  4. Upload the log to a reply in this thread by clicking the upload button on the toolbar.

I’ve given your WeMod account permission to upload files so you can share the log here.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

ok im trying the first step @MLGENIE gave, if it fails i will try @Ravenfyre’s method a try

WeMod-1693998640714.log (36.9 KB)
first method by genie didnt work, and here’s the log for raven


did you guys find the issue yet?

im assuming nothing?

Hey there, I’m also having this issue. Its not been updated since June… maybe the projext for trainers was abandoned? I’m upset theirs not been any notice on this and its kind of just up in the air as “not working”. Maybe its just us having issues though? @ovuv @Ravenfyre @MLGENIE

yeah im guessing they just forgot to update it since they have close to 200,000 games with trainers so their schedule is probably clogged up, hopefully they see this and ask FLiNG to update it for the latest season of Infinite @MLGENIE @Ravenfyre