Trainer Starts then stops

I tried to see if there was anything similar but failed to find anything.

My issue is that sometimes when I am playing a game, the trainer would stop during the game which in turn would disable the cheats. Has anyone else come across this?


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What game are you experiencing this issue with? :slightly_smiling_face:

I had this issue back when I played Subnautica. But I put it down to the fact I was playing it via Epic Games and the trainer here is made for the Steam version.

The Steam trainer here worked on the Epic Games version of Subnautica for about roughly half an hour before the cheats kept turning themselves off. So I stopped using the trainer and used in-game console commands instead.

Maybe the issue is the trainer not being compatible with the game’s launcher? At least that’s what I assume caused the issue for me.

Okay, I had this issue today with a different trainer, this one: Fallout Shelter Cheats and Trainer for Steam. Only this time it was the correct trainer for the game (Steam).

Realised it had turned itself off about about maybe 45 minutes of playing when my dwellers (population) began losing health during an attack when I had previously actovated the infinite health cheat.

hi I’m having same trouble when I use a trainer on my android phone to play a game on wemod happens with just about most games I use

I had it with Resident Evil 2 remake and Railway Empire.

Hi, I have been having this issue recently too.

Most recent game was The Outer Worlds trainer.

Loads fine and works well, but after a period of time the trainer just turns off, and the cheats stop working in game, is there a way to make them stick?

Windows 10 build 19008.vb1
Latest beta Wemod.


Also happened twice when I decided to give The Forest ( another go.
After the second time I just closed WeMod and used the in-game console commands instead (losing out on my 50 WePoints twice :cry: :laughing: ).

Someone else also reported it happening to them here: Plague Inc: Evolved Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thanks for looking into it, WeMod devs. :slight_smile:

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