Trainer suggestion: Megaman Zero / ZX legacy collection

I am here to propose a trainer for Megaman Zero / ZX legacy collection, the trainer divided into 6 segments for each game.

Megaman Zero 1, 2, 3, 4, ZX / Zx Advent

  • Overcharged health (6 layers of infinite health, actually changes graphics)
  • Infinite currency
  • one hit kill
  • instant charge shot and strikes
  • infinite ammo usage
  • infinite time limit
  • godmode (can’t be killed by one shot hazards or anything)
  • joker movement (Think noclip except clipping still is a thing, activates upon jumping)
  • ALL biometals unlocked
  • all biometals repaired (full potential)
  • Moonjump
  • etc.

god yes please! just to goof around and enjoy the story at least awesome suggestion!

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is there still no trainer beeing made so far?

Sadly so, even though I gave them this suggestion like years ago. Guess they just skimmed over it.

New trainers are added based on game popularity among our users. Please follow the game in WeMod by clicking Notify Me on the game’s page. If it is popular enough, a trainer will be added if possible. Please check the queue in the Creators tab to see what is being worked on.