Transferring minecraft worlds

When I go to inject the file, I do not get a use this profile option

When that happens you can manually change the profile ID to yours, then save, rehash & resign it, and then save it to your device. Put one of your own saves on your flash drive and just copy and paste the profile ID over to the downloaded Minecraft world. Or if your profile is already on the flash drive just copy and paste it from that.

It worked!!! Thanks Steve!

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But now when I try to load it, it freezes at the initialize point, any ideas?

I download worlds for my son quite often. Usually when that happens it’s a bad world/map download. Try a different world and see if it works.

Here’s a pack of 14 I have on Mega. You could try these, I know they all worked for my son.

Thanks but my son wanted to play this specific world, someone gave it to him on a flashdrive as a gift because he wanted to play on their world, my other worlds work though.

If you upload it I could try and see if I can figure out what’s wrong.

where would i upload it to?

If you throw it in a .zip or .rar you can upload it right here in a message.
Use this to upload it when replying.


it won’t let me
because it doesn’t end in the right things
bin wasn’t authorized

Did you put it in a .zip or .rar container?

Or you could use a site like Mega, Mediafire, Zippyshare etc… And then post the link here.

i had the one file on my desktop and it wouldn’t let me

You need to use a program like WinRAR or 7-zip to put it in a folder that can be uploaded to this site or file sharing sites. They’re both free if you want to try.

thanks but this is starting to get a little to complicated for me

I might just have her put it on there again and see if that works

my son has had me on a wild goose chase with a lot of this minecraft stuff, and i’m a little worn out.

I hear ya. When my son got into MC I was going through the same thing. Luckily he’s gotten great with computers and Horizon and can do it all by himself now.

If you decide you want to try 7-zip it’s very easy to use. You install it and then when you right click on the bin file you will see a 7-Zip option and it will have an option to “Add to Archive”, you click that and then “OK” at the bottom and it puts it in a zipped folder on your desktop. Then you upload that.