Traveller's Rest Trainer request

I like say that if anyone ever played this game you consider making for people who played offline than online where its risky and your playing with fire.

The only current creator of trainer I can see is Cheat happens, I like people on here versus that site.

Too many sites look for and I already checked it out it said on another site that you don’t want activate super money measure because its passive use. I was like what? I guess that what you get if getting promo trainer for. Fling or antifun promo trainers are better though.

Trainer is missing basic: day freeze, money add, skill point add, and 25+ item add(think about it),

In Traveller’s Rest it requires money and Skill points to progress. But day progresses too quickly.
Also note: game is based on developer’s life. He runs a Inn/tavern, He wishes to share this life with us.

But it very hard attain skill points and money. :sweat:
25+ item add makes sense it won’t go off like cheat. make every single item inside inventory 25 that way you don’t have buy it again. Its sensible If you have too many you sell them.

Hi there, We do not accept trainer requests via the forums. Please follow the game in WeMod by clicking “Notify Me” on the game’s page in WeMod. If enough users are following the game and the game meets our criteria for a trainer it will be added to the queue and worked on.