Tribes of Midgard Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Most of the player and stats cheats are not working. I could only get player speed, inf. tools and weapons durability, unlock all craftable items, no crafting requirement, and the damage multi to work. I don’t mess with the freeze time, time elapse speed, or set game speed cheats so do not know if they will work or not.

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only this working in solo gameplay.
Have how update of the trainer please?

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Same situation as the above post, most of the functions haven’t worked for the last several days.

P.S. Here are my tests, the following don’t work for me:

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Tree Health
Unlimited SP
Unlimited Souls
Unlimited Exp
Exp Multiplier
Unlimited Blessing Points
Freeze Time
Time Elapse Speed

Set Game Speed - crashed my game

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Can we get an update to this, please? As other posts have said, barely any of the options are working.

All of the cheats are working properly. The trainer was tested 3 times in the past 2 weeks.

Hi. When new update ?

What issues are you having?

The game hasn’t been updated since October, and as Chris stated above, it’s been tested at least 3 times afterwards.

Player health, tree health stopped working also exp multiply

some cheats stopped working, unlimited health,souls,xp tree health

I’m having issues with the cheats Unlimited Health, Unlimited Tree Health, Unlimited SP, Unlimited Souls, Unlimited EXP, Unlimited Season EXP, EXP Multiplier, Time Elapse Speed, and Freeze Time. Can’t activate these cheats in Solo, saga mode or not. Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your hard work!

The Tribes of Midgard cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Hello FLiNG, After the newest update we are able to swim, you could add unlimited swiming stamina + speed?

Does not work. As soon as i log in with wemod, my character is stuck in a first person view but he cant see anything because the camera is actually stuck inside the characters head or chest. Nothing i do fixes it… It plays fine without wemod tho.

None of the cheats are working, needs update

All cheats are working fine for me on 2.02. Where did you purchase the game and are you trying to play multiplayer with it?


Could ne1 please confirm if it works on the epic games Version as well?

Game speed seems to cause an Unreal crash everytime, and does not seem to be affected by any or no other cheats activated.

Needs an update, Tribes of Midgard just released season 3.

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most of the options are not working

Hey there, the game had an update, can we get a mod update if possible? much appreciated.