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A while back when using the modding tool, my AVG software detected this malware with Horizon. Now when I try to install Horizon back, it keeps notifying me of this malware and I remove the install setup for Horizon. Is Horizon now a threat than just a friendly modding tool to my PC?

Here’s the malware AVG detects:

EDIT: I am also installing Horizon from the main website if your wondering.

There is no worry if you read through the installer.

What I mean is that when I click to install Horizon from HorizonMB, I save the installation setup to my computer and AVG immediately tells me there is a malware before I even open the setup.

When I first installed Horizon a while back, I read through the installation process and installed it safely. After I installed it, I ran a virus scan to check if everything was okay and indeed it was. Like I said, this was BEFORE, and now Horizon isn’t being friendly anymore.

VirusTotal can’t find anything inside the installer and bitdefender only found some adware. You will be fine, just do a scan afterwards.

The download link in my signature is free of any adware/malware. It’s just Horizon. Delete the installer you got off the main page.

what he’s trying to say is that he trusts horizon but avg wont let him download it because it has real time scanning and quarantines the file once he saves to computer. He needs to disable his anti-virus software and turn off real time scanning while installing/Make an accept-ion using AVG

or he can download from the link in Zodiac’s sig that does not have any adware / malware.
Seems like a FAAAAR better choice.

So I try installing the setup while ignoring AVG’s warning and when I click on the setup, AVG removes it without any notification. How do I disable AVG?

I use AVG as well, and had issues a few weeks back. Here is your solution. Right click on the AVG icon and choose to temporarily disable protection, choose to disable it until restart, now download Horizon from the download link in my signature, now go through with the install process. Now you will want to open AVG, click on options in the upper right hand corner, now click on advanced settings, now look at the list to the left and click on exceptions, now look for add exception near the bottom and click it, for exception type select application or file, now click on browse next to the search bar, look to the left and click on your C drive, now click on Program Files (x86) and find and open the Daring Development Folder, open the Horizon folder, open the v2 folder, now find the Horizon Application and select it, that will be what you’re making an exception for, I will leave a screenshot below so you know what to click on in the v2 folder. Now click on Apply and then Ok in AVG. After you’re done with this process delete the Horizon installer(s) you have downloaded as AVG will continue to flag them as Malware. Now you can turn AVG protection back on and Horizon should work properly in online mode.

Add exception for this:

Like it’s been said several times, don’t disable AVG, there is no need to.
Just download from the real link to just the installer for Horizon (which doesn’t have the adware / malware bundled with it) –

That’s not the case as of recent. I use AVG and had major issues a few weeks back with it flagging my installed Horizon and it removed it somehow. I had tried re-installing from the real link for hours with no luck. The only way I was able to get in installed again was how I explained in my post above yours.

They must just auto-flag it now with it detecting the other installer so many times.

My Chrome Browser is now blocking the download link and my Avast antivirus is also blocking it.

Use internet explorer to download and disable Avast (search google if you don’t know how).

It’s in the interests of the tool you get rid of the cnet installer bs

No it isn’t. We still have over 100k unique downloads monthly. Not to mention we haven’t used Cnet for over a year now.