Trojan Horse Virus - All Orcs Must Die 2 - MrAntiFun

All Orc Must Die 2 by MrAntiFun has a trojan horse that will automatically download once you hit ‘play’

Might want to look into that one.

also, this has made me very wary of using your platform again, I will be uninstalling it and completing a few sweeps on my pc.

It’s unfortunate but my trust for this platform is gone, thanks for the mods so far.

The result is a false positive. All WeMod does it modify memory in real time. Individual trainers cannot install anything.

Also wemod is a legitimate business no way would we have infected files or viruses 1000 use this everyday. You probably have an over agressive antivirus.
All trainers on the internet usually are flagged by antivirus

You will get false positives with trainers every now and again, no matter where on the internet you get them from.
Here we go, this will help explain it: Windows Defender marked WeMod as a Trojan.

That post also contains a link to a related post by the co-founder/lead developer of WeMod and a link to a post to help resolve the issue.

Yeah 100% false positive, If you mean Heuristic virus, that is nothing more than the anti-virus is saying few people who own their AV use We mod. I have used Mr. Anti Fun trainers before he joined with We Mod and actually would download his stuff onto my PC, always got the virus alerts but it was always nothing. I can speak from experience when I say We mod is not installing any Virus, they are legit and your concern is misplaced.