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Trojan spotted 27/8/2019

Hello, currently is just spotted some kind of Bitcoin Miner Trojan when using We mod. When playing just fine but after turn on We mod, it kinda lag and my cpu and ram spike really high. I did used a virus scanner to scan and quarantine it, it diagnose as “Bitcoin Miner Trojan”. Later i play other game it’s was fine but then i tried used We mod again, The Trojan got back into my PC and mess it up. I was download it from Mr.Antifun website for the game “Mist Survival”. Pls check so other wont get this happen, thanks

Hey there,

WeMod doesn’t have any Trojans or cryptocurrency miners in it. At one point a couple years ago we had an option to enable cryptocurrency mining in exchange for Pro, but that was removed after a month. It’s possible that your anti-virus software hasn’t been updated since then. However, it was always optional and would never turn itself on without your explicit permission.

If you open task manager, you should be able to see which programs/processes are using your CPU and memory. If it’s WeMod, let me know because that shouldn’t be happening.

Well im using Malwarebyte and update regularly, not sure what happen but in my experience it’s happen when i used We mod, prob some thing trigger it when using We mod but just to be sure to notify so others won’t get this kind of thing happen. Thank you for responding :slight_smile:

Usually all trainers well most of them will trigger antivirus’s some trainers will be fine then some will triggers your AV it’s a false positive.1000’ s of us are using wemod and the trainers
Even when wemod updates will triggers AV too
I dont even use any antivirus at all