Trojans? or a paranoid virus killer?

I was wondering why wemod suddenly stopped working. seems f secure has spotted Trojans. hope these are false positives
Hopefully the details will appear below

@frank Can better explain why this happened

All false positives. There’s nothing we can do for some antivirus software.

Some of our application files are protected in a way that prevents AVs from analyzing their contents. They assume they are malicious files by default.


Thanks Frank,
Thats good enough for me. I’ll instruct F-Secure that this is the case and try to get the thing to ignore them. Thanks very much.

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yea i once got this isue with bullgaurd but its solved now an lot of reporting to bulgaurd that it was not trojan finaly did the trick but i must say and im sorry if its inapropiat but who names their virus scanner f-secure its an really funny name since its sounds to me like f$$$k security sorry thats an bit of my childish nature but i get your problem i realy feel the pain 2 not being able to use wemod is really anoying if its becouse of some virus scanner