Trouble Paying With PayPal Via WeMod

I finally upgraded to Pro :laughing:. While doing so from the WeMod app [v6.2.16-BETA.3], I tried paying via PayPal and received this message: “We’re having trouble updating your payment method” after clicking “Subscribe Now”. It does however, work from the WeMod site without issue and that’s how I was able to use PayPal.

Seems like the app is having trouble launching the browser applet for PayPal. Nothing urgent, but others may run into this.

You’re welcome in advance for the membership upgrade! It was on my list for the New Year. Better late than never :laughing:.

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Thanks for becoming a Pro member , thanks for all the help you give on the forum too !! :+1:

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No problem at all! I try and help out where/when I can and offer free advice to those in need of answers :slight_smile:.


This is something to do with Paypal and we haven’t been able to track down exactly why it does that. It’s awesome to see you as a Pro member now! We always appreciate your extra help around the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

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