Trouble Updating to

Hey guys,
I’ve just started using Horizon again after some time and downloaded version, which was the version that was downloaded when clicking on the download button on the main site. After successfully installing it notifies me of a new version to whch I click yes and opens a web download dialogue. It downloads “Horizon.Setup.v.”.
I double click to execute and it comes up with Error "The setup file was corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program."
I’ve tried downloading from a few different sources as well as uninstalling, downloading and re-installing.
-Running Windows 8.1 64-bit.
-Using latest version of .NET (4.5.1)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Try downloading from this link here. That should be the latest version of Horizon.

Also install this, which is Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Thanks for the fast response!

Hmm, misunderstood the framework. Went into the registry and 3.5 is installed.
Tried the link to no avail. Error still comes up. Image attached:

I can’t think of anything of the top of my head.

Could a re-install of the .NET Framework help?

Good luck Yoshi. I have been in and out of the forums looking for a fix to my failure to connect to server error. and after countless reinstall’s of frameworks 3.5 & the latest horizon update still no luck, I was thinking maybe it had to do with the fact I am on an older XP OS, but Horizon was working just fine for me up until yesterday, which according to a few of my forza buddies they having been having this problem on and off since friday… sort of BS to pay for 3 months of diamond only to have the **** work for a week with no sign of a fix… wouldnt be such a damn problem for me if forza tool worked offline since it is the only reason i bought diamond…

Yea try removing everything and see what happens.

Use this program:

PM a moderator asking what you want modded along with your savegame and they will do it for you since you are diamond. They should at least.

Nik and Steve Wonda are also ‘Horizon Pro’ which pretty much means they are trouble shooting ****s you can harass with questions. So feel free to ask them for help trouble shooting.

I would ask for someone else to mod forza for me but i use it for hexing wheels and parts mods so having someone else do it would be a pain in the a$$ for them, plus i enjoy doing it not to keen on being lazy… like doing for myself

We are also open to team viewering you to try to solve your issue

I’m still having trouble, can’t get it to work. The latest update executable still comes up as corrupted. Clicking “No” to the update sends me into offline mode. I seriously don’t know where to go from here. Was really looking forward to using it again.

Id be open to team veiwer if this desktop wasnt a POS…lol I can barely run chrome/iexplorer being that xp doesnt get updates and this pc is like 8 years old… just a temp pc till I can order all the parts to finish my gaming pc