Trusted service to mod my Xbox 360 Elite?

I’m in search for a trusted modifying service from ebay or amazon. I have a Xbox 360 Elite on 2.0.16756.0 and I desperately wish to get it modified so I can play backups, have game mods, dashboard mods, etc. If you or someone could link me to a trusted mod-service I’d greatly appreciate it. I wish not to spend any more than $60

Check the marketplace over at TTG. A member by the name of TheWeekndModder offers RGH service for $65, you will also have to pay shipping. There’s many more trusted sellers there as well, so just take some time and look.

i’ll do it pm me i’ve modded my xbox before and i’ve been thinking about starting my own modding service/flashing so pm me and we’ll talk i could do it lower for that price