[TUT]Convert ISO files to Jtag games


Most should know how to do this, but if not here it is.


How to convert a downloaded ISO file into a playable Jtag game.


Open Xbox Image Browser, Click File[INDENT][/INDENT]Click Open Image Fie (its missing “L” for whatever reason)[INDENT][/INDENT]Select your ISO file[INDENT][/INDENT]Click Open[INDENT][/INDENT]Right-click on the .iso file[INDENT][/INDENT]Click Extract[INDENT][/INDENT]’

Click on Make New Folder[INDENT][/INDENT]Name the folder what ever you want, I name it after the game[INDENT][/INDENT]Make sure your new folder is selected and click OK[INDENT][/INDENT]Let it do its thing, it shows the progress in the lower left[INDENT][/INDENT]Once it done the bottom three spaces will be blank, now close the window and then close XBC[INDENT][/INDENT]The folder is done, transfer it to your Games folder on your Jtag and enjoy[INDENT][/INDENT]Credits
dontdr0ptheS0AP, for the TUT
Redline99, for Xbox Image Browser

I thought this was common sense?

lol, me too

Good thread though!

Nice picture usage, and easy work flow! :smile:

LOL, I was bored, plus I had to do something since my horizon is not working.

Whats wrong with it O_o

No clue, me and several other people are having the same problem, there is a thread about it in the horizon support section.

You can also use ISO2GOD to convert the ISO straight to a GOD package.


I liked ISO2GOD, for convenience, before I started using FSD. I like this method better because I can play around with the xex’s.

I’ve always used wx360 :expressionless:, my jtag never had a working disc tray lol.

I added Xbox Backup Creator.

:laughing: My disk tray is very temperamental, I have to take the face plate off and and use a paper clip in the little hole to get it open.

thanks for this i only just got a rgh and was wondering if i could just use the files instead of the iso2god. makes the process of modded xex’s n files easier to mess with

broken link but great tutorial.

It is 2 years old…