[TuT] How to Activate DMZ Mode on Your Router(OPEN NAT SETTING)


How to Activate DMZ Mode on Your Router



What is DMZ Mode?

[/size] DMZ Mode is putting your router or other networking device into a demilitarized zone. It being in a demilitarized zone, means that the protections are lessened on your network. Many people may use DMZ mode to have a better connection or be able to connect to more people on XBL or PSN.


How Do I Activate It in My Router?


To Activate DMZ Mode, first you must go to your router’s homepage, you can do this by going to in your browser.

Then, your going to want to find the tab that hold’s your DMZ settings, mine is under WAN Setup, I’m on a Netgear WNR2000v2 Router.

Now, as you can see in my picture, it has one set IP address that access’s in DMZ Mode, once that is set, you go onto your xbox and go to system settings>connection settings>configure>manual>Ip Address - 192.168.1.xxx>then finish the other settings like normal.

DMZ For Linksys -

Will add more pics for other brands if needed later.:wink:


Are There Other Ways Alongside This To Help My Connection?


Disabling SIP ALG

Yes, there are a few more ways to tweak your connection, one being disabling the SIP ALG filter on your router.

Disabling the SIP ALG means your disabling the “Stateful Packet Inspection” Security, so don’t piss off teh haxorzzz, because this raises your chances of being vulnerable to a DDoS.

But, disabling the SIP ALG also helps your connection to other over XBL or PSN.

Enabling Port Forwarding

Even in DMZ mode, your router may not be able to connect to everyone, so enable port forwarding on the following ports -

Both - 53
Both - 80
Both - 88
Both - 1863
Both - 3074
Now, if your router doesn’t have the both option, then google exactly which protocol to forward it to.

Enabling uPnP

uPnP is for the times when Port Forwarding just isn’t cutting it, uPnP stands for universal plug and play, this means that the router makes exceptions based on what is need at the moment that the program is asking for it. I find port forwarding to be a much better alternative from uPnP, simply because the router knows what to do before it is requested.


Wrappin’ Things Up


I think that is pretty much everything there is to having an OPEN NAT setting.

if u r showing how to get your nat type open , all u have to do is go to dash board where it sayd configure settings and then press restore to factory default… and wala

Um, no that doesn’t work haha, maybe for you, but some routers actually have NAT settings and other things that need to be setup correctly:lol:

Going to try this in a bit, thanks for the TUT, very simple and well explained. Oh and the green text F’in AMAZING !

Hmm i don’t think you know how much your compromising your network integrity. I’m currently studying computer forensics as part of my course at university so i know doing this is just asking for trouble. Basically you have no protection at your gateway so your network is just open to attack.

Nice tut though. Realy well layed out and easy to understand.
But i just created a static ip for my xbox then opened the specific ports to my xbox’s static ip. And i don’t have any issues connecting to gamers and my NAT status is open.
And just seen you have both UDP and TCP for all ports you only actually need:
•Port 88 (UDP)
•Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
•Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
•Port 80 (TCP)
and 1863 (UDP and TCP) for chatting to someone using video on kinect!

Theres other ports to consider too like for using Windows Media Centre but all the above are for xbox live.

If you have one DMZ server setup on one LOCAL IP address, then the rest of your router is protected correct?

Your xbox is open to DDoS but disabling statefull packet inspection allows hackers to port scan and see what ports are open on your network making you vulnerable to attack.
As SPI keeps all ports closed untill it gets a genuine request to open them, turning it off makes your whole network vulnerable to DDoS.
SPI keeps track of your network traffic to determine to allow or block it.

Also SPI can increase network performance as it allows fewer packets to pass through.

Right, but I did state that it was quite risky.

hehe yea you did ^^
just wanted to make sure you knew how risky it is. I’m guna guess the risk aint that much for people on here. But i think they should be aware of what exactly they might be doing.
But like i said tho, nice tut. Very informative and well layed out.
It should actually help alot of ppl! But carries a risk :wink:
i guess because of study computer forensics I’m kinda paranoid of security :confused:

Right, I don’t have mine disabled, I know it helps but DDoS-Risk isn’t worth the little bit of extra connections…haha thanks though:D

Nice tut, I have 88 and 3074 enabled, but I will add the other ones when I get home. Thanks if this works. And I’m not sure if my DMZ in enabled but I do have uPnP enabled and I still have Moderate NAT. I will try this, thanks :smile:

~ Giinger Bush

Thanks, I hope I’m helping alot of people in the community out.

bump please comment if this has helped you