[TuT] How to Change a Moderate/Strict Nat type to Open

Q: Why am i getting this error message? How can I fix it?
A:it is because you do not have some ports opened required for Xbox Live. Opening these ports will allow a full open connection to all the players you are playing with.

Video Version ( A little outdated. Make sure to look at the correct ports below and make sure they are the same. But the general method is the same. )

Text version

[size=20]1. Log in to your web based configuration page ( mostly OR )
The default username and pasword is “admin” and “admin” without the quotes.

If neither of these two work, I suggest using Nookie’s method.

if you need help finding this refer to PortForward.com - Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model

  1. Find the tab/place for Port fowarding
    ( mostly in the Advanced section )

  2. Then add the ports ( taken directly from xbox live support page )

Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)

( If your having problems with a kinect, also add this extra port )
Port 1836 ( UDP and TCP )

Then check all the boxes if necessary and click “Save”.

You now have succesfully opened the Ports and changed your nat type to Open :thumbsup:

If this did not solve the issue you can get greater help by visiting xbox’s Support page

Can’t Connect to Xbox LIVE Solution - Xbox.com

Didn’t work? Here are 2 more things to try that have worked for other people.

For some lucky people, simply unplugging your router/modem for 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in may do the trick.

Another know factor of this is the quality of your router/modem. A higher quality modem/router may fix this if the above does not work. I recently switched to a better quality modem myself and have noticed my connection is open a lot more then it was before.

If you are running a setup from a router to a modem, etc, a direct connection to the Xbox might give it a more secure connection.

Good TuT…but you should add a video TuT also for other people

Or go to network settings on your xbox and test your connection then play the game :smile:

Thank you i will add that now :smile:

“Thanks you post”

doesnt work for some people :anguished:

You can also just click the little reset button on your router and that will work.

Great thanks
i have a moderate nat and i cant play with anybody

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That will not forward the ports if they are not already forwarded.

i accidently broke some stuff but fixed the link to xbox support page + fonts and size

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But what i am bootlegging my next door neignbers connection?


you can most likley still try it unless they have made a new user/password for the user configuration page for the intnernet

This isn’t to steal internet off your neighbors. Its to open the virtual ports to allow the connection from xbox live to you to run seamlessly.

lol true tru, but not every one watches video and they jst read title and confused.

i went to this and this
they didnt load

You may have a different router than the ones mentioned.
Bring up a command prompt (type cmd into the Run box, press Enter) and type inconfig into the command prompt window which has opened.

Look for the gateway IP. This is the IP of your router.

y do people post tuts that coulda easily been looked up on youtube?

what about NetGear?

PortForward.com - Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model

Scroll down to the ‘N’ section, find NetGear, then click your relevant router name. You should be able to either follow the prompts from there or figure it out from here using this tutorial.

Alrite I tried but that didn’t work, so then I tried and that on did work but when I entered admin for the username and password it didn’t log in…I’ve tried about 5 times but I don’t think that admin is the username and password.:help:

Have you checked the person that runs your network has not changed it? Every routers default log in is admin/admin.