[Tut] How to fix second monitor going black on certain games

If you’ve ever played Battlefield 3 or a few other games and have two monitors then you’ll know the annoying feeling when you launch your game and your second monitor becomes useless as it’s made black for no reason. This is a compatibility issue, I will teach you how to fix it below.


Open Me
  1. Find the exe of the game that makes your second screen black.

  2. Right click on go onto Properties at the bottom

  3. Go onto the Compatibility tab and check the “Disable desktop composition” box.

  4. Success!

Thanks for posting!, I’m sure this will help some!

I see that this post is very old, but I’ve searched everywhere for this bug and everyone keeps saying that I have to put the game in windowd. But in this certain game that i’m playing it will mess up the quality and everything.

I went to the properties and then went to compatibility, but I cant seem to find any: “Disable desktop composition”.

Please make a new thread with your issue instead of bumping an old thread.