[TuT] How to get into the Testing Hall

This is what all of you have been waiting for.

this is pretty simple: on skyrim for PC, go to the console command and type in “coc qasmoke” without quotes.


once you get the stuff you want, type into console command “coc (whatever place you want to go)”.

to convert the save to xbox 360:
Go to the PC game save location *:\Users*\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves
Take the Savegame.ess out and change it into Savegame.dat
Replace the Savegame.dat in your Xbox 360 save with the one you modded on the PC and Save, Rehash, and Resign your save.
Put the save back on your xbox and play.

Credit goes to pureiso for finding how to put the save on the PC version and back to the xbox.

Now go and have fun.

The Testing Hall Consists of All Standard and Enchanted Weapons and Armor, All keys, misc. items, potions, staffs, soul gems, clothing and jewelry, spell tomes, skill books, Reg. books, a grindstone, two arcane enchanters, two blacksmith’s forges, two smelters, one workbench, and one tanning rack.

Upload a save for us mate.

Will do. It won’t be in the Testing Hall because there is no way to get out without console commands but it will have everything I am able to get from there

Did you buy skyrim PC?

im assuming he downloaded it or bought it. either way same thing :smile:

Upening the enchanted stuff doesnt freeze your PC it just takes a while as its a BUNCH of weapons :smiley:

I did not know that. thanks for the info

on pc you can look in the enchanted armor and weapons, it just takes a minute or two to load.

None of my spells work . O.o

Not exactly.
It’ll act like its frozen but only for about 45 seconds (give or take) then it will allow you to do whatever.

Everytime you take an item from that particular chest, it will take a while but the more that is diminished from the Cabinet the less time it takes in the “frozen” state.

The less time it takes for the cabinet, the more time it takes when you are browsing in your inventory (assuming you took alot of items from that cabinet)

So no need to scare people that bad into not going into that cabinet.
I’d say if you have the time…be prepared to wait in between opening it and taking items out.

EDIT: ah I see there is already a post pointing this warning out.
Oh well…can’t hurt the people to be more informed.

cool i am getting it later so i will do this.
Did you buy or download skyrim pc

So… Saves from PC and Xbox Version are the same just with different format? “.***” ?