[TuT] How to ISO mod The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Hey guys, here is a pretty noob friendly tutorial to mod The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct along with a script, to extract and rebuild the .POD archive.

First you are gonna need Quick BMS: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/38234344/Quick_BMS_GUI_Installer_V2.0beta.exe
Now you need the script file: POD 5 Files.BMS

Now, once Quick BMS is installed, open it. Now click on Script File and click Open.

Open Me

Open the script file that I have provided above.

Open Me

Now click Archive File and click Open Archive from the dropdown.

Open Me

Select the COMMON.POD provided by BxRKings, myself, or your own and click Open.

Open Me

Now click Folders and choose Select Output Folder. Click make new folder and name it COMMON.

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Once you’ve done that, click Extract.

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You will know it’s done extracting when it reaches 0e431440 826889 world\wp_12_s_stadium_2.lvlb.

Open Me

From here, open the COMMON folder and then open the data folder.

Open Me

Now the file you wanna mod is tweak.txt. Make sure that when you have finished modding it, that it is still 7kb in size.

Open Me

Go ahead and edit the values under Relics and PlayerControl to your liking.

Open Me

Once you’ve finished editing the tweak.txt and saved it, go ahead and click ReImport in Quick BMS.

Open Me

Again, you will know it’s done when it reaches 0e431440 826889 world\wp_12_s_stadium_2.lvlb.

Open Me

Congratulations! You have successfully modded the COMMON.POD, so go ahead and replace the one in your ISO with XboxBackupCreator or wx360!

For those of you who want a pre-modded COMMON.POD, here is my modified version of this: https://mega.co.nz/#!iFgUFCTJ!PqH5rFPX5POpC0MY8BlqQ2EMLZY_zmhGixPJz8K8X9E
and here is BxRKing’s from XPGamesaves
BxRKing’s: The Walking Dead Survival Instinct ISO/RGH/Dev Mods Team XPG - Xbox 360 ISO Modding - XPG Gaming Community

Credit for the original script goes to AlphaTwentyThree of XeNTaX. Credit to me for updating it for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

I am the original writer of this tutorial.

Great tut man, If I had the game I would do it but I dont haha

So how do i add your the pod to my game save?

This isn’t for gamesaves, this is modifying the actual disc image file’s contents (mods built into disc). There are a few save editors on other sites, such as 360haven (not advertising, trying to help), so look there, or wait until Cheater or unknown possibly makes one for Horizon.

??? So its possible to rewrite a game disk?
Im a complete noob at this. (it took me a month to learn this site)
How do i install this mods to the disk?
Is there a gamesave for dummies spot?
lastly if i do find a game save how do i add it to my current game?

To modify an Xbox game’s image, you must have a program such as Xbox Backup Creator, and then of course, the ISO of your game. But it is pointless to explain this to you, unless you have an Xbox 360 capable of running backups, or a JTAG. As for putting a gamesave on your Xbox, just look around the Horizon Tutorials section.

(post deleted due to stupidity)

Every Xbox 360 is capable of running backups…

Hi, i know that BxRKings is having problems with the inventory deleting after new locations. Does yours do the same thing?? (I would test it, but im running low on discs)Thanks.

nice tut bro

Thanks, smart ass. It is if you flash it.

No, mine does not. His messes up inventory to setting the inventory limit to 999. Set it to 20 and you should have no problem.

Just found this thread. Great tutorial! I looked all throughout the tweak file, but I couldn’t find the stting for infinite health. Is there something else I could change that would do that for me?

Sweet tutorial! Thanks very much!

capable of running backups…

Is there a way to stop that stupid animation of the zombies grabbing you, it make the playthrough really mess up went you have to pass for a large number of them especially on small places men.:frowning: Is so obvious that Activision don’t have experience with survival games.:worried:

Or hotswap

and what with. PODLZX can unpack it somehow?

You should check the date the thread was posted, and not bump really old threads.

The pre-modded COMMON.POD download is down. :confused: