TUT: How To Never Die In Temple Run

If you don’t know what Temple Run is…
Temple Run is a game developed by Imangi Studios. It is currently released for only iOS systems, including the iPhone and the iPad.

You can buy the game here if you don’t already have it.
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Info About The Glitch


When doing this glitch no coins will appear while your doing it.
The only way to get money is from the mega coin.
Powerups show up for some people but not everyone.
Once you get the speed powerup you stay that speed forever.
The only way to die is to purposely hit yourself against the sides.
You can slide forever and just run forever.
This will not effect the game at all except for your score.
This is a very easy glitch that can be done by anyone with fingers.

Amazing highscore I got from doing this

Any questions you can PM me or post about it.
Post if it worked to keep thread alive!

Quick Explanation if you dont like the step by step tut:
Turn on tutorial and start the game.
When making your first right turn swipe the screen twice instead of once.

Step by Step Tut
(With pictures :laughing: )
If you do it wrong just try again.

Step By Step

[b]Step One:[b]
You need to be at the title screen.

[b]Step Two:[b]

Now touch the “Options” button in the bottom left corner of the title screen.

Turn on the “Tutorial” mode.

Does not matter if the Friends Markers option is turned on or off.

[b]Step Three:[b]

Start the game.

Once you start the game you should see this on your screen in a couple seconds.

[b]Step Four:[b]

When making your first turn instead of swipping once…

Swip the screen twice. (Can be any turn left or right)

Your character will “make a 360” and continue running forever.

[b]Doing all steps correctly can get you an extremely high score.[b]

Looks cool I am going to try this :smiley:

I can’t get it to work, when I swipe twice he just makes the turn and nothing out of the ordinary happens.

Make sure you do it fast enough. It might take a couple tries for your first time.
If you mess up just restart the game.

Just did it :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah It took a couple of tries, but I got it eventually.

Enjoy! :smile: This spread through my school in less then a day.

Just tried it and it works. Thanks for the tut. He just keeps running xD

Your very welcome. :thumbsup: Enjoy the glitch!

Got it stupid monkeys wont get me

I typed it in on YouTube to get a visual tutorial thanks!

Can you post the link? I’ll add it to the thread. :smile:

Took a couple tries but I eventually got it to work thanks!

Welcome! :smile: Enjoy your gigantic highscore :thumbsup:

i just did it too 10 mil here i come lmao

Thanks, just got this to work after a few tries! Note for anyone who can’t do it: Make sure when you double swipe that you do it really fast!

Thank you now my friends who think 5 million is a lot will be amazed.

I did it on a left turn xP

Just did it :thumbsup: thanks man

So, does this make me pass through jumps n stuff? coz i wanna just put my phone down for a few hours and see what it gets :stuck_out_tongue: