[TuT] How to recover a Banned XBL Account

Here is a guide to recover your banned XBOX LIVE Account Ok lets get started:

Things you need:
USB Flash Drive or a Transfer Cable
Banned Xbox LIVE account.
Xbox 360 (obviously)

Step 1: Start recover your gamertag

Step 2: About half way through the recovery you will receive an error and it will say something like “Xbox live signup is not available”. Then it will bring you back to the dashboard.

Step 3: Go to system settings and move your account to your USB(unless you have a transfer cable) By going to system settings<memory<gamer profiles< move your banned account

Step 4: Plug your USB into your computer and extract the banned profile to your desktop.(guessing the majority knows how to extract it.)

Step 5: Open up HORIZON

Step 6: Under profile mods click “Account Editor”

Step 7: Open your profile into it.

Step 8: You will see a gold button that says recovering. Click it. It will turn gray.

Step 9: Click Save.

Step 10: Move it back onto your Xbox or use it for whatever reason you wanted to recover it!

Credit to: fivestargamerz.com’s 5*SAMz

obankz im sure wanted this

Never thought of this, but makes sence why it would work.

Will try tomz

If you want… I’ll post a vid to prove it works.

Give credit please :smile:.
Guide: How to Recover a Banned Xbox LIVE Account

Sorry Kink, I thought I did… Fixed.

it worked

If it didn’t, I wouldn’t have posted it. Your welcome! :thumbsup:

here’s the vid to show it works

YES!!! i finally got my hundreds of dollars i spent on my account that got banned back! thank you so much!!!

Great tutorial bro, i will sure use this when i need to etc.

Glad I could help!

Glad i don’t have a banned account.

tried to look at the youtube video it sys private video

To bad you cant get in to Account management… so i dont see how you got your money back.

Fixed… sorry about that… thought I left it open:thumbsup:

Ummm… yes you can. check the vid @ 6:10. :stuck_out_tongue:

How does he/she get to account management?

Dont let me o.o and yes i dp ;3.