[TUT] How to troll on omegle without a webcam!

Also works on ChatrouletteWhat is Omegle?Omegle is a website used for talking to strangers and “meeting new friends” via stranger chat. The service randomly pairs up users online into one-on-one chat windows, where they can chat anonymously using the handles “You” and “Stranger”; either party can disconnect at any time. …

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Funny Picture(s) - Let me google that for you

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[size=14]1. Download webcamMax
2. click the “Try” Button
3.Click the add picture button (in the picture)

4.Choose your image

5. a window will open and just click Ok.
6.(picture, down below it shows your picture and in the big black box above (with your picture in it now) you can click and drag your image to center it, and resize it from the bottom right corner of your image.

Resized and centered image

7. go to Omegle and click video
8. [size=25]Troll some people!
[size=14]My outcome.

[size=35]Hope you enjoyed :smiley:

[size=25]Press thanks if I helped :smiley:


~TEKz And Brody



MannyCam is better.

Sooooooo!!! Jk

I hate these websites because there are about 200 dicks on them!

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Give Credit if you are going to Leak!!!

My Friend Jawannamakeout aka Brody made this He Said i can post

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Nice tutorial, I already knew this…
Add this to the OP ChatRouletteGifs - GIFS to use with ManyCam on ChatRoulette

lrn2trollbro you need some better content

Most commonly used program is Manycam, I would suggest an upgrade and a new tutorial showing how to use it + remove the watermark.

Yeah, update the OP and do this, and also add my link :wink:

Chat-Roulette now redirects all Pedos to Hustler, and they make $ off of every referral, XD

Thanks for this I used OmegleGifs.com - GIFS to use with ManyCam on Omegle to find gifs to use on there. :laughing: