[TuT]How to use Xlink Kai with the Xbox 360

Hi, Here is a tutorial on how to use Xlink Kai with the Xbox360

What you need

  1. Xlink Kai 7.4 XLink Kai: Evolution VII. Global Network Gaming.
  2. A ethernet cable.

Step 1.
Make sure your laptop/PC is connected to the internet. (Can be wired or wireless).

Step 2.
Take your ethernet cable and plug it in to your Laptop/PC then into your xbox 360.

Step 3.
Presuming you have downloaded Xlink Kai you can then go ahead and go into “start” and search for “start kai” and run as administrator.

Step 4.
Now kai has started you will need an account, if you don’t have one go ahead and make one.

Step 5.
When you have made your account, Sign in and then Navigate to the game arena you want to be in. i.e Game Arenas/Xbox 360/First Person Shooter/Modern Warfare 2/Europe/UK.

Step 6.
Join the Arena you want to be in, If your on a retail xbox 360 the hosts’ ping needs to be 30ms or lower for you to be able to connect. If you’re on a JTAG and have the ping limit patch removal you can then connect to any game.

Step 7.
Assuming you’re on the game you want to play on, go to “System Link” on the game and see if any games show up, if they do, click “A” to join.

Here’s a diagram I made in case you cant figure out the wires.

Best configuration.

Written By KonoR XboxMB.

I plugged my ethernet cable into my router.

i will try this once i go to my dads house will post back if it works :smiley:

Nice tutorial. I personally prefer Leaf Networks over xLink.

Plug your Ethernet cable from your 360 into your PC. Then plug your OTHER PC Ethernet cord into your router/modem or wall outlet and bridge both connections on windows.

It’s a very simple tutorial if you don’t look at it as being hard. It takes up to 10minutes max if you read it throughly.

It says that it can’t initialize the library :cry: How do I fix this?
Nvn, I remembered how to fix it.

i use too doo this

How did you? I’m getting the same thing.

I changed compatibility mode to Vista.

I cannot get my console detected. I am reachable and my ethernet from my JTAG is connected to my computer, and my computer is wireless and nothing. Any thoughts?

I haven’t ran into this problem as of yet "/
Have you tried google ?

You have to bridge the connections in windows.

Here is how to do it on windows7:
1:Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center
2:Then on the side it says “Change adapter settings” Click that
3:Now find both connections and hold “Shift” and click both connections.
4:Now that both are highlighted you want to right click on either one and click “Bridge Connections”

what is xlink used for?

For people that do not have xbox live :smile:

He just stated he did it that way, not that it didn’t work.

That ***** deserves a slap to the face…talking to Skylar like he is better then him… What an ass.

Good Tut, amazing job

Thank you. Didn’t take to long as you can probably see.

Nice Tut.

For some reason, when I connect my Xbox to my computer via Ethernet cable, it won’t show up.

What am I doing wrong?